ta_logo_whiteThe App Store has continued to grow in leaps and bounds in 2010. The number of apps in the App Store soared past 300,000 with hundreds of new games being released every day.

We sat down trying to figure out the best iPhone games of 2010 and found the task of narrowing down the list to a select few to be near impossible. Instead, we've organized our year in review into categories with what we feel is an excellent cross section of games from 2010. If you just got an iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas, this list is an excellent starting place to catch you up. Note that many of the games also have iPad versions which are also linked.


Cut the Rope Original™, $0.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Proving that a cute main character, clever level designs, and simple touch screen controls are a formula for success, Cut the Rope has ridden the top of the charts practically since it was first released. The goal is to navigate a dangling bit of candy into the mouth of the adorable and hungry Om Nom by cutting the correct ropes to set it free. Just feeding the lil' guy isn't so hard, but getting 3 stars and a high score on each level can be, and is what has brought people back to Cut the Rope time and time again.

Fruit Ninja Classic, $1.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - When Fruit Ninja was first released, it was novel for using a simple swiping mechanic to slice fruit out of the air. It was hard to explain the appeal, but it was an oddly satisfying experience and quickly shot up to the top of the charts. Since then it's gained new modes, unlockable items, and online multiplayer, and has become a mainstay on my device. Who would have though slicing fruit could be so much fun?

Robot Unicorn Attack, $0.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - The iOS port of this popular Flash game from Adult Swim meant you could have all the rainbows, fairies, unicorns, and as much Erasure's Always in your pocket with you at all times. This endless running game adds additional moves like double jumps and dashes to the formula, wrapping everything in a sugary sweet graphical package that is the epitome of “ironically cool” and also a ton of fun.

Tilt to Live, $2.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - In its intial release, the game was based around a simple but fun formula of frantically avoiding red dots and using various power-ups to dispatch them. Since then, several updates have been released adding great new power-ups, game modes, and more.

Solipskier, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A universal game where you draw the slope for a skier to ski down. To make him speed up, you draw a downward slope, and to make him jump you simply draw a ramp. It works incredibly well both on the iPhone and iPad.


Bounce On 2: Drallo's Demise, $3.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Bounce On 2: Drallo's Demise succeeds in delivering highly enjoyable platform gameplay to the iPhone. The original was fun, but the sequel goes well beyond, feeling notably more "fleshed out," with a good deal more eye-candy. While there's certainly room for more quality platformers in the App Store, Bounce On 2 is among the best.

Fastar!, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Fight angry squares in this action RPG. The name of the game is speed runs, and the goal of Fastar is to play the game faster and faster. There's a cool magic system, online leaderboards, and squares that explode coins when they die. What's not to love?

Dark Nebula - Episode Two, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - We loved the first installment, and the second is even better. You control a disc-like object by tilting, but to call this game a simple ball roller hardly seems to do it justice. The level design is amazing, and there's even a new combat system to allow for boss fights.

Babylonian Twins (Premium) Puzzle Platformer, $2.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Sixteen years in the making, Babylonian Twins delivers an amazingly challenging yet satisfying iPhone and iPad puzzle platformer. In many modern platformers, I've felt like I'm just mindlessly going through the motions to make it to the end of each level. Babylonian Twins, however, really keeps you enthralled throughout.

Hook Worlds, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Developer Rocketcat Games practically perfected the “hooking game” genre with their previous two App Store releases, and Hook Worlds is a culmination of that expertise. Offering 3 (soon to be 4) endless running games injected with the hooking mechanic, Hook Worlds manages to make each one feel unique despite using the same core gameplay. This is topped off with tight controls, charming pixel art, and the humorous tidings that Rocketcat is known for.


Pix'n Love Rush, $0.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Like a platforming game with ADD, Pix'n Love Rush offers bite sized levels with constantly changing themes. The themes run the gamut of retro consoles, including the greyscale screen of the Game Boy and headache inducing red of the Virtual Boy. The jumping, shooting, and coin collecting is complemented with solid virtual controls, and every facet of the visuals just ooze style. On top of that Pix'n Love Rush is just a frantically fun good time.

The Incident, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - This curious tilt-based game has you climbing a seemingly never-ending pile of junk all the way in to space. It's packed with some really great pixel art, and is even universal with some cool interaction between devices allowing you to do things like use an iPhone to control the iPad game via Bluetooth.

Vector Tanks EXTREME!, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - We're not entirely sure it's possible to pack more retro charm in to this game. As the title may hint, you compete in battles against other tanks, and the whole game is drawn in glorious vector graphics. If you were around during the 80's to play Battlezone, you need this game.

FINAL FANTASY, $7.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A great port of the classic NES title that started it all. Final Fantasy II is also available, but this is the game you should start with. If you were around for the original release of the game, hearing the opening theme again will likely be worth the price of admission alone.

Secret of Mana, $7.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - One of the timeless role-playing games from the bygone SNES era, Secret of Mana is a huge fan favorite among RPG gamers and has finally arrived on iOS. Practically everything you remember about Secret of Mana is intact in this new version, both the good and the bad, and has been reworked effectively for virtual touch screen controls. If you loved this classic title nearly two decades ago, then it's practically essential to have in your iOS library.

Role Playing

Infinity Blade, $5.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - ChAIR's amazing gesture-based swordfighter which utilizes the Unreal Engine to provide the best graphics we've seen so far on the platform. Sadly, you'll need a 3rd generation iPod, iPhone 3GS, or later to enjoy them. If you've got a recent device, this is not a game to miss.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - There have been many RPGs released on the App Store, but none with the depth and scope of Aralon. The game is home to an epic game world complete with multiple races, classes, mounts to ride, crafting recipes to master, and quests to complete.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A fantastic port of Years 1-4. It's universal, has Retina Display support, and just as much content and depth as the full console counterparts. Unfortunately, since it's a port it also retains the console-style save system which isn't as mobile friendly as we'd like it to be.

CHAOS RINGS, $6.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - One of the most ambitious RPG games we've seen so far for the iPhone. The graphics and gameplay are exactly what you'd expect out of a Square Enix RPG. Battle in parties of two in classic turn-based battles as you make your way through a story that's just as ridiculous as any other Japanese RPG.

Strategy / Sim

Sword & Poker, $2.99 - [Lite] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - At the core Sword & Poker is a card-based strategy/adventure game where battles take place by making poker hands on a 5×5 grid. The "Sword" portion of Sword & Poker comes from the roleplaying game layered on top of these poker battles. The strange blend of genres works quite well and is a game we really loved.

Warpgate, $4.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A space conquest game with an amazing sense of scope. Warpgate has cool graphics, an interesting faction system to get involved in, and a dynamic in-game economy that can keep you busy for as long as you remain interested in the game.

Plants vs. Zombies, $0.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Popcap's casual tower defense game hardly needs an introduction. Plants vs Zombies is a game that's easy enough to appeal to everyone, yet fun enough to warrant multiple play throughs without issue.

Game Dev Story, $4.99 - [Lite] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - At first glance this appears to be an abysmal port of a J2ME game... Then you play it. A few hours later you will be looking for your charger to keep playing. In the game you run your own game studio, managing staff, making games, and even releasing your own console. Once Game Dev Story sucks you in, it's impossible to put down.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge, $2.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Few games inspire more heartfelt nostalgia than the classic LucasArts adventure games of the late 80's and early 90's. The improved iOS control scheme in the sequel which works like many other iPhone adventures games where you just touch areas in the game world that you want to move to, or objects you want to interact with. Fans of the series are in for a treat with this installment.

Osmos, $2.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - In this award winning indie game, you control a tiny organism called a "mote". By tapping in a direction, you expel mass towards where you tapped, and your mote goes zooming off the other direction. With each tap you lose a little bit of your mass, so it doesn't take long before you're making extremely calculated taps to get exactly where you want to go with minimal loss of size. Your mote can absorb any mote that it smaller than it, but it also can be absorbed by any mote that is larger than it. The gameplay translates beautifully on both the iPad and iPhone and is a great great experience.

Action / Shooter

STREET FIGHTER IV, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - We were incredibly skeptical of how Street Fighter would work with touch screen controls, but have been pleasantly surprised. Also, since the original release, Capcom has consistently updated the game with new characters to play as. Also, if you've got a friend nearby who also owns the game you can play against each other using Bluetooth.

Chopper 2, $2.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - The long-awaited sequel of one of the most popular action games of the original App Store launch. It also has all kinds of crazy control options utilizing its universal nature on both the iPhone and iPad, and it's everything a great sequel should be. It expands on everything that made the original great, with some new things thrown in to the mix.

Archetype, $0.99 - [iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Five on five online deathmatch, capture the flag, and more. Archetype has Retina Display graphics, and the HD version looks great on the iPad. If online FPS games are your thing, this isn't one you should miss.

Dodonpachi Resurrection

Dodonpachi Resurrection, $8.99
- [Lite] – [Review] – [Forum Thread] – When it comes to bullet hell shooters, it doesn't get much better than Dodonpachi Resurrection. There is so much going on at once in this game that it can be entirely overwhelming at times (in a good way), but this also prevents it from running on devices older than the iPhone 3GS and 3rd generation iPod touch.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, $4.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is by far the best open world crime game available on the platform. The sheer amount of content, the amazing graphics, and gameplay that will keep you coming back for more whether you choose to follow the story or rampage through Liberty City on your own is absolutely fantastic.

Space Miner: Platinum Edition, $3.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Combining classic Asteroids style gameplay wrapped in a clever story and a surprisingly extensive RPG-style ship upgrade system, Space Miner isn't a game you should miss. It recently was updated with Retina Display graphics, and the iPad version is great as well.


Real Racing 2, $4.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A marvelous sequel to Firemint's original Real Racing, which improves upon the first in every way imaginable. A career mode, licensed cars, and 16 player online multiplayer are just a few of the new features. It also will run on any device, even the first generation iPod touch.

Cubed Rally Racer, $0.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A wonderful homage to isometric racing games, Cubed Rally Racer is completely randomized, so you'll never play the same track twice. Similarly, if a particular track is too difficult, you can simply generate a new one to play. The iPad version features split screen single-device multiplayer which is a ton of fun.

Reckless Racing, $0.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - An incredibly enjoyable top-down arcade racer with multiple cars, game modes, and even online multiplayer. Retina Display graphics and an excellent physics system heighten the experience, although we wish there were more tracks to race on as Deliverace is one of those games you never want to end.

Puzzle / Board

Carcassonne, $9.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - There are many board games that have made their way to the App Store, but Carcassonne is by far the finest. Online asynchronous multiplayer, Retina Display graphics, universal compatibility, and classic gameplay. It doesn't get much better than this.

Trainyard, $0.99 - [Lite] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A puzzle game based on laying train tracks to route multi-colored trains around the game board. Solutions can be shared online, and after you beat a level it's even more fun to see the zillion other ways that everyone else solved it.

Zen Bound® 2, $2.99 [Forum Thread] - Zen Bound 2 is filled with relaxing gameplay supplemented by one of the best (if not the best) soundtrack I've heard in an iPhone game, and the gameplay mechanic of rotating string around a 3D object to cover it in paint works phenomenally with the multi-touch controls of iOS devices– and even more so when you throw the gyroscope of the iPhone 4 in to the mix.

Helsing's Fire, $0.99 - [Lite / iPad] - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Helsing's Fire sends you on a quest to destroy Dracula, placing you in 90 randomly generated, dungeon-like levels across three different worlds. The challenge is to eliminate said beasties by moving your torch about the screen, which casts brilliant beams of light and dark shadows about the play area. It's one of the most unique games I've ever played and is a true App Store gem.


Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, $1.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - A surprisingly competent port of the classic skateboarding game. Everything is included from the original, and once you get used to the virtual controls, you'll be performing endless combos in no time in the many included skating locations.

MADDEN NFL 11 by EA SPORTS™, $2.99 - [iPad]- [Review] - [Forum Thread] - The Madden series hardly needs an introduction, as football player turned coach turned commentator John Madden has had his name on football games for the better part of 20 years now. EA introduced a new featured called GameFlow this year which will intelligently chooses plays for you. It is absolutely insane how much this changes both the feel and the pace of the game. Using GameFlow, endless submenus of plays are a thing of the past. Instead, you just play football.

X2 Soccer 10/11, $4.99 - [iPad]- [Review] - [Forum Thread] - X2 Soccer 2010 brings improvements to graphics, controls, computer AI, new game modes and more teams. X2 Soccer 2010 has over 150 club teams to choose from in 10 different leagues, plus international teams from all over the world. X2 Soccer 2010 is one of the top soccer game experiences right now on the App Store.

X2 Snowboarding, $2.99 - [Lite / iPad]- [Review] - [Forum Thread] - X2 Snowboarding from Exient is a highly enjoyable romp on the slopes that sets itself apart from the crowd in a number of ways. All of the aspects of X2 Snowboarding come together to deliver a highly enjoyable game with a surprising sense of speed and immersion.

Odds and Ends

Sketch Nation Shooter, $0.99 - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - While it isn't that great of a game in itself, Sketch Nation Shooter is one of the most creative uses of the iPhone camera we've seen yet. You sketch a doodle on a piece of paper, take a photo of it, and then import it in to little mini games you create. Gameplay is a little limited, but does it really matter if you turn a drawing of your cat in to an end boss?

Godville, Free - [Review] - [Forum Thread] - Godville is a "zero-player game" in that it requires absolutely no interaction from the player at all. Your character in Godville plays himself, all by himself, and you take the role of an omnipotent god and can either encourage or punish your hero, or do nothing at all. It's surprisingly amusing to just be able to load up your Godville character and vicariously live through his randomized adventures without needing to actually do anything at all.

  • Fargmot

    No ChuChu Rocket??

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    Archetype is an abysmal shooter.. where're MC2 and NOVA2??

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      and minecraft ,modern combat 2

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    Angry Birds is missing too

    • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

      AB came out in '09.

      • http://twitter.com/21tigermike Michael A. Robson


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      the fact that Angry Birds is missing makes me think someone was paid to write this list. Angry Birds is the best selling game for the iPhone, so not having on this list is insane. Not to mention the fact that it's awesome.

      • Draggamooka

        Hmm... didn't see the reply posted 8 hours before yours?

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        the fact that angry birds is missing shows us that you are an dumbass^^

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        angry birds was made in 2009 thats why its not on here

      • Luckyj13 is dumb

        thank you luckyj13, you obviously felt the need to repeat the same thing THREE other people have already said.  I hope you have satisfied that urge.  And btw tom clancy's rainbow six is great, should be on the list too.

  • Will

    Just one suggestion: Baseball Superstars 2011!
    Overall, awesome list. Thanks Eli!

  • tsharpfilm

    X2 Soccer is a great football game, but FIFA 11 is a tad better.

    And Galaxy on Fire 2 is the best game of the year.

  • Tim K

    Glad to see Carcassonne, Trainyard, Sword & Poker, and Vector Tanks Extreme on this list.

  • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

    Harry Potter an RPG? Are you serious? It's not even close to an RPG.

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    Where is Galaxy on Fire 2? Where is NFS Hot Pursuit?

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      hot pursuit sucks

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    Galaxy on Fire 2 is missing. Shame.

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    hmmm where is nova2 and modern combat2 in shooter?

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    The descriptions for X2 snowboarding and X2 soccer are switched around...

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    funny. no gameloft games here.

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    Where is FIFA 11 in the sports section?

    How about GT Racing in racing section?

    And Galaxy on Fire 2 isn't anywhere?


  • Goldglover411

    it is a very good list.....i understand that not every good game could be included. I am also wondering why you didnt include the TOP game.....like the overall best like you did last year (spider)

    there are also some good games missing

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

      We'll pick/post a top game next week.

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

      We'll pick/post a top game next week.

  • Goldglover411

    it is a very good list.....i understand that not every good game could be included. I am also wondering why you didnt include the TOP game.....like the overall best like you did last year (spider)

    there are also some good games missing

  • Andrewmgut

    Good list missing galaxy on fire 2 though and modern combat 2 was also amazing

  • Andrewmgut

    Good list missing galaxy on fire 2 though and modern combat 2 was also amazing

  • backtothis

    no gameloft games this year xD.
    Haha, a controversial list, but not a bad one. It's been a long year full of amazing releases. Here's to a great 2011.

  • Goose

    Expected Spirit to get some love here too.

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    NHL 2K11 isn't on the sports list? /baffled

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Cat-Astrophy/100000838113704 Cat Astrophy

    SoM review is misleading. A lot of graphics effects, sound effects, the emulated music (not the same as the SNES chip), and the rendered text is gone. You can't control your directional movement while running, and when characters overlap (to group up) you can forget trying to target them with a touch interface.

  • The only mistake in the list

    X2 instead of PES or FIFA on the list is ridiculous.

  • LBG

    Galaxy on Fire 2, Samurai 2 and Gameloft's games are missing. I know it's an opinion, but for me this year wouldn't be nearly as great for iOS gaming if it wasn't for Gameloft's games in particular. It's strange that you haven't included at least one of their games in the list.

  • Anonymous

    NHL2K11 = best sports game of year. Madden is crap.

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      Your crap

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        His crap?

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    As always ta reviewers have some major problems with genre definitions.

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    Wow a few of these games are terrible

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    I have like 90% of these games - it was a good year for the iPhone.

  • Defcubusal

    If this was my list warpgate would have been replaced by galaxy on fire 2.

  • Frisky Johnson

    Considering getting Chaos Rings but I see it's not universal. I'm sure the iPad version is preferable but is it a big enough difference to wait & not get it for the iPhone 4?

  • Abisco

    Galaxy on fire 2 needs to be on this list...

  • Isilel

    No Space Miner Ore or Bust? IMHO, it was one of the most brilliant and polished original iOS games.

    Also, why no point-and-click/text adventure section? Monkey Island 2 doesn't fit the "strategy" genre at all and there are a lot of other great games in that genre. Hidden object and Laytonesque games could have been considered for it too..

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

      Space Miner actually was on the list, but got cut accidentally during one of the revisions. So I added it back.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the younger crowd did most of the voting on this selection. At least a quarter of that list were overly hyped, and no Reiner Knizia board games? Fastar under the "platform" category?).

  • lukwtwz

    Bit.Trip Beat, Dark Nebula 2, Real Racing 2 were all among my top 5 ipod touch games of the year. On iPad, Reckless Racing, Geometry Wars, Zenbound 2. Tesseract is my favorite puzzle game, even though I can't win. Playing that directly before Geometry Wars induces "freaky, nonlocal effects" whether you win or not. Right after brain surgery, I'd say "bring me the tesseract."

  • Idontlikethispostsystem

    Disappointing guide, some obvious awful hype, some awful category attribution, almost only conventional genres, too few selective pick, even if there are some and that's the only good point of this selection. But it's like digging through a mass of pointless game either uninteresting hype either just top sell in App Store that already everybody know. Ha well I can also admit that no list is ever fully satisfying but I feel that a 2010 buyer guide could be a lot more interesting.

  • in5omniak

    second "Galaxy on Fire 2" that game was pretty fricken amazing.

  • GiHubb

    Nice list but it seems people miss out on Solomon's Keep which is my game of 2010. I spent so many hours on this gem, much more than full retail priced games for the consoles. Loved it. So Solomon's Keep is my iOS game of the year.

  • Domination5

    No Galaxy On Fire 2? Are you kidding me?

  • Anonymous

    Infinity Blade is no RPG, come on guys you know it. Sure it has some usual stat point allocation and equipment, but seriously? Action or Fighter is a must suitable fit.

  • Crex1111

    NOVA 2 and MC 2 definitely should've been on the list.
    I'm pretty surprised they didn't pick a Game of the Year.
    But if you guys want to, you can go here and vote:

  • Tashawn

    This list must be based off opinion. Some games shouldn't be here, and ALOT of games are not mentioned. Gameloft make great quality games, I'm surprise not one game was in here. Archetype made it here but Modern Combat 2 didn't. Cut The Rope made it but Angry Birds didn't. Wow.

    This list is OK, nothing more.

    • http://normalkid.com Arnold Kim

      Angry Birds came out in 2009.

      • lolol

        have you guys really brainstormed this list for hours, or just like.. "oh, i know one, fastar, i think it's a platform game, it's from an indie dev, you should add it" and there's "ok, done, any suggestions so we can complete this list in 5 mins!!"..

        hey Sir, have you ever been reading other comments here, or you just care on the posts you think it's safe to reply??

    • Will

      Wait, are you telling me this list is based off opinion? Crap, I thought this was the objective of all things iOS. Can you tell me where to find a pure list that isn't sullied by the tinge of opinion?

    • Self-Evident Kid

      "This list must be based off opinion"

      Thank you for the heads-up, Captain Obvious. I'd never have guessed that this list represents the opinion of the Touch Arcade staff rather than the Universal And Indisputable Truth on which iPhone games released in 2010 are the best. You have opened my eyes.

    • Tashawn=Fail

      This list is based on opinion??? NO WAY!!!!!!! I HAD NO CLUE WHATSOEVER!!!!
      I think he deserves an award for such brilliance.

  • Ghost of Xmas Dispntmnt

    No Game of the year? No gameloft love? Geez i know the TA community is all about helping out the little indie developer guy, but credit should be given where credit is due, Gameloft makes some of the best games on the platform: Spiderman, Dungeon Hunter 2, MC2, NOVA2, Asphalt 6. C'mon at least one of these deserves a spot up there. Some of these indie games get old quick as well and boring.


    you guys do realize that it says best ipod touch and iphone games of 2010 buyers guide? some of your favorite games werent made in 2020 and therefore are not on this list. PWNED

    • http://twitter.com/ScottColbert Scott Colbert

      Apparently you don't know everything, you can't even get the year right.

  • Santa

    Where's Galaxy on Fire 2? And... Fastar is NOT a platform game.

  • Joker

    Pizza Boy IS a platform game, and should be top of teh list.

  • geocelt

    No Galaxy on Fire 2, No Respect Tut Tut Guys

  • xtraclick

    Where is Fragger & iSlash

  • Cog

    GoF2 must be the best gaming experience I've ever had on iPhone. Shame it is not even mentioned...

  • The Truth

    I think comments should be disabled on these list articles. O NOES SUM GUY ON A BLOG DIDENT PUT MAH FAVE GAEM IN DA TOP10!!!!!111

    Cry me a river.

    • the real truth

      Not just a fav game but a ground breaking app that has raised the bar
      Welcome to the internet smeghead

  • theman

    great list! thanks. this list is opinion, so people who are outraged at something not being included... maybe a more "in my opinion..." type comment instead of "this is bullsh*t" would be better. after all, many of us enjoyed games you didnt, and vice versa.

    thanks a lot for your work

    • lolol

      It is indeed an opinion... but they pinpointed that this list is for the people who just got an iphone/ipod touch this Christmas, then why they didn't present games that offers the best experiences on these devices?

      For example, excluding every Gameloft game is just non-sense..

  • FTC

    Not to be the Grinch, but this is another example of how TA keeps running afoul of disclosure guidelines set by the FTC to protect consumers.

    TA is, of course, a cheerleading site. Not because they strive to live a life of blissful optimism, but because not endorsing a game means you won't buy it and they won't get a commission. Writing a truly negative review is a financially unsound practice by their business model. The mantra here is buy, buy, buy, because the more you spend clicking on those links, the more they make.

    By itself this isn't at all unforgivable. We all have to make money to live after all. The lack of disclosure, and even worse, the attempt to conceal this from the readers, is what is truly appalling.


  • FTC

    Not to be the Grinch, but this is another example of how TA keeps running afoul of disclosure guidelines set by the FTC to protect consumers.

    TA is, of course, a cheerleading site. Not because they strive to live a life of blissful optimism, but because not endorsing a game means you won't buy it and they won't get a commission. Writing a truly negative review is a financially unsound practice by their business model. The mantra here is buy, buy, buy, because the more you spend clicking on those links, the more they make.

    By itself this isn't at all unforgivable. We all have to make money to live after all. The lack of disclosure, and even worse, the attempt to conceal this from the readers, is what is truly appalling.


  • http://livetouch.fr Zaz

    It's hard to choose the best games in each category as 2010 was a great year polished and interesting releases. Like in the 2009 list, some of my favorite games are here, others are not but overall I think it's an interesting choice for new comers and with the comments, I know what other important games I missed.

    Thanks to all the TA team for the hard work. It was really interesting to follow 2010 releases and projects with you, and I will be happy and glad to continue during the next year 🙂

  • Grateful

    Clearly reading comprehension is not the forte of some of the armchair quarterbacks responding here. Getting upset over a game that was released in 2009 (and reminders of such were made) and the exclusion of games that JUST MIGHT be included in the follow up Games of the Year piece shows ignorance.

    Some of my favorites were included, some weren't - but that is how it goes. Lots of work goes into a piece like this and I for one am grateful for the stroll down 2010 memory lane.

    Thank you TA staff for emptying my wallet this year and I look forward to spending even more money because of you in the coming year! But I also have to say thank you for saving me some money too in your TOFTT fashion.

    Happy Holidays

  • TheOnePb

    I love this list, because everyone can come up with EA, Namco or Gameloft games. This one does include some indie games, some I did not know and will definitely pick up! Thanks for a great year TA, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  • http://twitter.com/charliesabers Charles Sabers

    Shoul add Mushihimesama Bub Panic to the shooters sections. Also Spirit to puzzle or something.

  • Wafflesss

    +Need for speed hot pursuit, just had massive update, now you can play as racer as well as cop

  • http://www.facebook.com/sommermatt Matt Sommer

    There is really NO reason to buy SWORD & POKER now that SWORD & POKER II is out.

    • Jason

      Whenever you go to get any of the S&P games, 1,2, and the lites it gives an unavailable message. Has for weeks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sommermatt Matt Sommer

    There is really NO reason to buy SWORD & POKER now that SWORD & POKER II is out.

  • http://twitter.com/kiba283 Kiran Babani

    No Galaxy of Fire 2, Frogatto or Samurai II? Fail 😐

  • MikeT

    And Gaston Superball ??

  • b005t3r

    No Neuroshima Hex...

  • Jwenv

    Needs GOF2, Aralon and Ash added to the list

    • EastsideStompers

      Araolon is on the list.

      Some of my fav's for 2010 that didn't get a mention:
      Reiner Knizia's Samurai
      Oddy Smog's Misdventure
      Robot Unicorn Attack
      Stick Golf
      No, Human

      And although not strictly a game, Haiku Wind is a lot of fun too.

      • EastsideStompers

        Oops. Robot Unicorn Attack is on the list too...: /

  • FastOne

    The fact that Galaxy on Fire 2 is not mentioned while the dodgy Warpgate is makes me wonder about TA's ethics.

  • BestGameEvar

    No Momo Alien Star Catcher?

  • http://www.sisteme-bis.ro Supraveghere Video

    Plants Vs Zombies FTW

  • Sherrit32

    Having Warpgate on the list and not Galaxy on Fire 2 is a glaring omission and I'd have to even said maybe theres some wink wink going on for Freeverse as it seems TA has had a relationship with them. I hate to accuse but its almost obvious in this instance here.

  • Buceph

    It seems Sword and Poker makers Gaia aren't around anymore. Their website is saying it's become "inactive." And you can't get any of the Sword and Poker games in the App Store.

    Which is a pity. It was going to be the first game I bought for my new iPod.

  • MoHeyNow

    Best 2010 list I've seen IMO, a lot of quality titles that seem to include that illusive factor that makes a game something special. I also appreciate the opinions of some of the people commenting, for example, I will probably give a second serious look at GoF2 as it seems so well endorsed by many. That's all you have to do, just name the game that you feel should included and that deserve attention but don't be ignorant and assume that your opinion is more valid than anyone else's.

    Games I have really enjoyed this year that I would like to suggest:

    Quell, a fun subtle little puzzler that hits the perfect note for me.
    Solomon's Keep, really fun twin stick shooter / light RPG.
    Stoopid Sandwich, not a lot to this one but genius all the same and the best $0.99 I've spent in a long time.

    Gameloft rhymes with shmamefloft

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