Logo2013 has been a heck of a year so far, and while we posted our top stories of 2012 on New Year's Day, there's basically nothing going on with the iTunes freeze so I figured why not just post 'em now. All of these articles have such a massive lead over everything else that there's basically no way this list is going to change inside of the next six days anyway.

The curious thing about 2013 has been the rise in popularity of free to play guides. It makes sense, really, as while I remember being super excited for Nintendo Power published game walkthroughs in the 90's, these are sort of the same. While the elemental weaknesses of certain bosses were super relevant in the guide for the original Final Fantasy, now days it's all about how to min/max your free to play experience on as close to zero dollars as possible.


Of course, that kind of thing is just the power gamer approach to free to play, which seems to coincide well with the traffic we've seen over the year. Huge stories in 2013 for us were these guides, as well as anything to do with Minecraft.



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  • koryc

    Hopefully modern combat 5 and another gta

  • ODMay

    Can't wait to see what next year got for us, mobile gamers.

    • tomj315

      I agree. This year seem to made mobile gaming more like consuls gaming in many ways. So gust imagine what next year will bring us. We've seen here many trailers about some absolutely fantastic games coming early 2014, and I know that the first of them is the jet car stunts 2, which I really wait for.
      Whatever next year will bring us, it is going to be a hell of a year.

    • tomj315

      I totally agree, and I think that this year brought the mobile gaming to be more like console gaming in many ways.

      So just imagine what surprises next year is hiding. For what's already known to us there's some game titles who looks really awesome like jet car stunts 2 who coming next week.

      2013 was a great year for the mobile gaming. And whatever next year will bring us, I hope to be there when it will come.

  • koryc

    It will be awesome to see some other great ports like kotor 2 and max payne 2

    • dariusjr98

      And Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, and Bully.

      • OrangeJews

        Or just cut through and give us GTA IV ๐Ÿ˜€

  • 61050

    one thing you guys could tackle during this slow news week is maybe updating the ta app icon. ios7 has been out long enough now to not even be considered something to talk about, and as of right now, this app is officially the only one on my phone that hasn't gotten the memo.

    at least the app isn't called "thetoucharca...". boggles my mind that a developer can code a flawless app and then somehow overlook that the title of the app doesn't fit on the springboard.

    im not complaining though. keep up the good work and may your coffers be filled with more ad revenue than it can hold for 2014.

    • Boony Tuesday

      Meh. The icon is fine. Why should all developers feel the need to conform to the flat design of iOS7? I think the icon should represent the personality of the app and not the personality of the operating system it's on.

      • themostunclean

        It's not just the icon. The (ugly-ass) keyboard and other components are still stuck in the pre iOS 7 design state. I like having my experience on a device be symmetrical and organized. Not a hodge-podge of design concepts.

        Every app having its own personality may sound nice but it makes for a disjointed user experience. Ask any graphic designer.

      • jontas

        The one feature I'd love is being able to open AppStore windows in an overlay without leaving this app. I think it is a new feature of ios7, I've definitely seen other apps do it. But in general, I've no complaints about the TA app. I could care less about the icon and I love the watch list, forums, etc.

      • Boony Tuesday

        I can see that some people need that comfort of knowing everything is seamless and looks the same, but I'm not one of those people. I can't stand cookie cutter designs and repetition. It shows a lack of creativity and originality. It's also boring.

        I'm a graphic designer and I can say that most of us design for the personality of the client's company and we don't try to force all our clients to conform to the same designs as everyone else.

      • 61050

        its great if, as a dev, you want to fight the establishment by refusing to update your app, but please note that you aren't 'conforming' to anything. the key word here is update. it would be like an old windows program that refuses to use anything more than a 16 color palette for their interface even though we are now capable of displaying millions of colors on our monitors.

        also, it isnt like there is a coalition of developers that are taking a stand against progress. this is seriously the only app on my phone that hasn't caught up to the now. the icon doesnt even need to be 'flat'. maybe just fix the frame to adjust to the currently more rounded corners in the "new" interface.

        and yes, the old keyboard blows goats.

    • NinjaKitteh

      I say update the keyboard, keep the icon. I don't like the ugly Fischer-Price look of iOS 7 anyway. If my theory is correct and Apple decided to try and emulate the Android look...they did a poor job.

  • loophole

    I'm excited to see what simogo's gonna so this year!

  • riChchestMat

    No Limbo review?

  • Amenbrother

    I need more open world rpgs....

  • meatz666

    The way it sound, "play X game without spending money", sounds to me that devs doesn't deserve getting paid. Abusive IAP is one thing, and we shouldn't support those, but let's get Nimble Quest. They deserve some cash, if you are having a great time with it...

    • NinjaKitteh

      Or we could just properly price games upfront so we don't have to deal with IAPs.

  • nini

    I just want less Minecraft inspired voxel games.

  • slammajamma28

    It's been a great year for iOS gaming. Thank you, TA, for everything!

  • PandionDan

    No mention of iOS 7 controllers in this roundup? I know they've been largely a flop so far but certainly some of the biggest news this year...

    • PandionDan

      Oops--reading is a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kane

    I want Nintendo to bring out there own smartphone in 2014.

    • Earth Vs. Me

      I love the Power Phone. It's so bad!

  • ImJPaul

    I kind of miss standard guides. F2p guides are nice but traditional guides for most iOS games are hard to find.

  • rich_952000

    I would love to see the first top story of 2014 as "Secret Exits Turbo Dismount hits the AppStore!" ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • vicsark

    Too bad that the top story of 2013 isn't : "TA: Top stories of 2012" ๐Ÿ˜›

  • ansin11

    Cant wait for MC5.

  • thiagovscoelho