‘Minecraft Pocket Edition’ Updated With Alpha Version of “Realms” Online Play

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516143_largerCalling all Minecraft fanatics, Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99) just had an update hit that adds various things like buckets, fire, smoother lighting, and a bunch of other seemingly insignificant things compared to alpha support of their upcoming Realms online service.

As of this writing, I can’t get it to work, but that could largely be because of just how slammed the alpha Realms servers are right now. I could barely get the login form to show up. What you can see is the following welcome message:

Welcome to the Minecraft Realms Beta! We’re still testing out features, but eventually Realms will let up to 10 Pocket Edition users play together online. It’s currently free, and limited to a set amount of servers.

Realms will be an optional, paid service once it’s released. Have fun!


If you’re able to get Realms to let you play online, drop a comment and let us know how it is. We’re dying to try it out, which is likely the same thing that millions of people are also trying to do right now.

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