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‘Pocket God’ Developers Bolt Creative Announce ‘Ooga Jump’

If you’ve found yourself wondering what in the world Bolt Creative has been up to lately, I’ve finally got an answer. Aside from updating Pocket God ($0.99) for quite literally years now, releasing Pocket God: Journey to Uranus ($1.99), getting cool toys made and exploring the background of the pygmies in a comic series (which is also available digitally) they’ve been hard at work on a new game.

It’s called Ooga Jump, and it takes the existing mini game found inside of Pocket God and turns it up to 11. We got a very quick look at GDC, and it’s definitely as advertised. Imagine a jumping game, but just dripping with everything that makes Pocket God, well, Pocket God. We’ll have more details soon, so make sure to add Ooga Jump to your watch list in the TouchArcade App (Free).