Scumbag-EAIf you were going to put together a list of truly classic iOS titles, and both Flight Control and Real Racing weren't on it, you'd have some explaining to do. Sadly, it seems as of about ten days ago, the only place those games will exist anymore is in ancient reviews and YouTube trailers. As accidentally spotted by Shaun last night, while looking for something else, EA has removed the following games from the App Store:

What truly sucks about all of this, is if you click any of the above links, we've reviewed nearly all of these games, and they were really good. Hell, games like Flight Control and Real Racing transcend "good game" status and instead are more appropriately described as vital pieces of iOS gaming history. Both were early landmark titles that proved that iOS gaming was something to be taken seriously, and both were ridiculously popular.

...And now they're gone, along with other fabulous iOS games. They didn't even get a proper send off, beyond silently announcing they're being removed on a obscure web page hidden deep inside of EA's support site on the same day they were removed. I can't find anyone else reporting on this either, meaning this plan worked surprisingly well, as it's been ten days before we even figured out that these games were gone.

It seems really wrong that games like this can just be nuked from existence, and I really don't know what the solution to this problem even is. Undoubtedly, these games have been making nearly no money for EA. With iOS 9 coming next week, it's hard to blame them for not wanting to potentially go through and update/tweak/test dozens of ancient titles to make sure they all work on the new OS and devices. There just needs to be some kind of legacy mode where these games are still playable, or at minimum, accessible to gamers who want to go to the effort of whatever setup they'd need to play them.

Imagine how crazy it would be if the original Super Mario Brothers just didn't exist anymore, and wasn't playable, as Nintendo didn't feel like it was worth updating. It's a lofty comparison, for sure, but I'll be able to plug in my NES and show future generations the game I grew up playing without issue. Want to do the same with equally important games for a different platform? Tough luck.

This certainly isn't the first time historically important iOS games have been removed from the App Store, and I can promise it won't be the last either. (EA removed a bunch of games around this time last year as well.) It just really, really sucks to be losing these important pieces of our iOS gaming heritage. All it really does is reinforce just how disposable iOS gaming can be, which is the most depressing part of it all. It's real hard to beat the premium game drum when the games you're buying inevitably just get erased from existence.


  • Alex_Gol

    Someone else did report this. Not many did but still. I hope this shit won't go unnoticed.

    • Milotorou

      I agree 100%.

    • patricia.daniel


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    • sobriquet

      To redownload any app you have previously downloaded, go to the purchased section of the App Store and said apps will be in the list. Even if they are pulled from the store. On iTunes there is a search entry at the top. In the App Store app you can access the search by pulling down from the top of the list. On iPhone 6+ if you turn you phone to landscape the search is right there in the top left.

      • Alex_Gol

        I know everything of what you've just said. The problem is that others won't be able to experience it and I now have no way of getting it in App Store even through purchased section, I might only do that through AppStore on my device, but now I am not able to download the its .ipa file.
        It hugely sucks.

      • sobriquet

        Sorry for the confusion Alex. I should have mentioned I was only replying to your comment because it was the first one and I wanted to put this information at the top so more people would see it. I don't think many people are reading the whole thread and are missing the information where others have posted it. I was trying to be helpful😀.

      • Alex_Gol

        Ah, that's absolutely fine.

      • Dahaka_101

        You still can. Just make a backup of your iDevice through iTunes on your computer and make sure you transfer your apps over too. Then find the iTunes library folder and there is an folder with your transferred applications, including the ipa of the games you want.

      • Alex_Gol

        Backup or synchronize?

      • Raki_Saeki

        That's NOT 100% true. More than 4 years ago I got "Scene it horror 2" and all it's iAps. And when I had to reset all my apps I found that this one was nowhere to be found on the EU Appstore... And right now just looked my bought list again and nothing. I can't play a game that I loved and payed like 6€ for...

      • sobriquet

        Wow, that sucks. The only thing I can think of is that the developer let the copyright usage lapse for some or all of the movies used in the app when they pulled it from the App Store. Then Apple would have completely remove it.

      • elle

        Apple is onto us.. They have since removed even the apps from our purchased list

  • Dailon Huskey

    I wonder if they will come back. Lately a lot of games that get pulled end up back in the store and fixed for the better and that I have no prob with as long as I know that going in. With these being older titles im of the thinking they won't be coming back which is bs. Fix the damn game or don't make it to begin with. I can understand w small indie companies but not EA. And by the way EA mobile has turned to shite anyway (see madden and FIFA oh and sims)

    • negitoro

      Even small indie studios won't be able to keep this up. There's many games that don't really receive any consistent kind of updates or support.

      Heck, some small indie studios will likely eventually end up going under and taking their entire library with them.

      It's hard to justify endless compatibility updates when every iOS update seems to break something, forcing developers to devote continuous resources to update them.

  • predator8u

    This is a serious issue with iOS gaming that needs to be resolved. Providing solutions is the right way not just complaining, so good job. I've brought most of these BUT never played them "now I'm fuc$ed" it's BS. We shouldn't take this, same with premium games going F2P via update.


    • DBrown519

      That is why I just spend my time on console game now. I am able to play about any game on the Ps or Xb store if it is there or has been removed especially if you downloaded it in the past.

      • Jake7905

        That's how the App Store works too.

      • Saulo Benigno

        If you already bought it you will be able to re-download it without problems on the future.

        Just like the consoles. Nothing wrong on that.

      • MrAlbum

        Except P.T. #Konami

      • ZeeMonkeyMan

        Scary damn game it is

      • Golan Klinger

        That's generally the case but unfortunately, I can't find any of the above titles that I purchased in the "Purchased" section of the app store. They appear to be completely gone.

      • Agkelos

        That's not exactly true. There are many games that had completely disappear from purchase histories. I have lost some good games this way.

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        Yeah, except it won't run on the latest iOS.

      • JindoFox

        I just downloaded flight control and was reminded of how charming a game it still is. Looks and sounds good and seems to play fine on iOS 9. It's Retina but not widescreen but is otherwise great and I'm glad I can still play it, even if no one else can find it anew.

    • anon_coward

      you can still download them from the purchased tab until the end of time. EA is simply not going to upgrade the games for new versions of IOS and devices

  • EGVroom

    You can still download then if you previously purchased them of course.
    I just downloaded Flight Control this way and it works just fine on iOS 9 GM o/

    • David Bauer

      How exactly do I download it if it does not appear on the App Store or anywhere else for that matter?

      Please tell me as I'd love to have it back on my iPhone.



      • MrAlbum

        Go into Updates in the App Store app, tap on Purchase, and you'll get a list of your purchased apps. It should be there; you may need to scroll a LOT to find it though, if you purchased it a long time ago.

      • VirtualBoyFreak

        Or if you pull a little bit down in your purchase history in the App Store app, you can just search for it 😉

      • MrAlbum

        .... How in the world did I not figure that out?! I've been scrolling by hand through 1000-plus apps (I actually counted, I have bought/downloaded at least 1000 games over the years, probably more if productivity/miscellaneous apps get added 0.o )!

  • Zerol3onheart

    If you've downloaded them before, they're still available. I know it's not the same and new players will never experience them, but it's good news for people who spent money and were freaking out about it (me).

    • mindseyes

      Ok that's good I know some games were accessible before even after purchase some free ones

    • anon_coward

      i used to save the IPA files just in case, but apple has allowed you to download pulled apps for years now. only exception is copyright complaints. a few of my wife's apps were pulled and not in purchased anymore

  • Vellrath

    I had bought both Mass Effect and Dead Space and hadn't gotten around to playing them. Both are large apps so, I was happy to have them in the cloud, I was really looking forward to Dead Space, particularly. WTF EA! Scumbag corporation all the way.

    • Adams Immersive

      It may still be downloadable—removed apps usually are, you just can't buy from scratch. (Whether it RUNS on a new OS is another matter, which is one reason I've been leaving my iPad on iOS 7 longer than normal.)

  • curtneedsaride

    If they do come back, I can imagine them all going F2P with timers and energy. Anyway, this is the problem with digital-only content, and Apple's iOS. Hopefully, someone will come along and port these old iOS games to the newer iOS versions. I'm skeptical that the someone will be EA, though.

  • fight owens fight

    Dead space and mass effect are both super fun games, especially dead space. Glad I bought them. Shame that new fans won't experience it

    • Eli Hodapp


  • MegaShark

    The exact same thing happened to countless Facebook games that were dumped back in the day. Some were actually quite good too. I feel sad for those who spent money on them just to get the rug pulled from under their feet shortly after. No wonder a lot of people are reluctant to spend nowadays.

    • Jayboy720

      I LOVED a very good number of those. Haven't seen anything like them since either. Miss those days

    • appfreak

      The thing is that some of these titles were premium releases, not free to play Facebook games.

  • Alex_Gol

    I think there are two points we need to deal with in order to at least have a chance to keep those games:

    1) Let Apple finally find a solution for dumb 1star ratings where people can't load a game just because they haven't checked if it could work on their devices/OS in the first place.
    2) Ask Apple to create some sort of Legacy tag for apps so people could see it right away on such outdated games and companies could leave them if they don't want to support them anymore after several years so they wouldn't worry about their reputation.

    I can't think of anything else.

    • Alex_Gol

      Yeah, basically everything's mostly in Apple's hands we are f***ed.

      • Dailon Huskey

        Formats and thighs change I have bought my favorite music album on cassette tape, cd and now MP3. I bought FF7 on PS1 and just bought it again for iOS.
        I feel your anger but I have already came to the realization that I'm not buying these games to last forever. At least in this case it's not 60$ games.
        Also I have the latest ios9 beta and already a few of my games no longer work they just crash every time I open them. They are secret of mana, Sid Mier's colonization and doom and destiny advanced. Good news TWEWY does work! Do you know if this means these games will not work when the new iOS goes official?

      • Alex_Gol

        Betas are pretty unstable. Who knows.

        But anyway if something like that continues to happen even more often and Apple doesn't do anything with it..
        Here goes piracy at full speed.

      • Dailon Huskey

        I agree! This is the bad practices that lead to widespread piracy. Also buying all those formats for music over the years is why I have no prob w those who do it.

      • Rip73

        Mass Effect and Dead Space were already pirated to death anyway so I'm not exactly sure how it's going to drive piracy any further than it is already or impact it in any way.
        All the Pirates were already pirating it from somewhere other than the App Store anyway.
        Along with them not being updated and stopping working in future os updates, it's not going to drive piracy any further either.
        Along with them not being available to actually purchase, it's not even a loss of revenue either.
        Maybe if newcomers had been buying these classics, Dead Effect in particular is an absolute iOS classic, there might of been a case to update them but the facts are nobody was really buying them and the Pirates were still pirating them.
        So status quo basically.

  • rezn

    This is big business doing what they do best. Reminds me of when I worked at Video Stores, BlockBuster was the worst. They would send us lists to pull hundreds of movies and we were supposed to break them and throw them in the trash.

    Flight Control, Bejeweled 2 and Spy Mouse were some of my first games. Flight being my favorite back on the original iPod Touch.

    Can't say I fully understand however it would be ludicrous to imagine an App Store like Apple's with every App and Game ever released still in it.

    • Dailon Huskey

      Movies that brings me to a good point. Movies were on VHS we bought them then came DVDs we bought some of the same movies again, blue rays same thing (I own not one blue ray) and then digital (these I love!) and we continue to buy them the game industry knows we will do that

  • Tim Cant

    EA are total turds 💩

    • Dailon Huskey

      EA has pulled their old games which sucks cuz that's the only good ones. EA mobile started great now it's garbage so they took the good off and left us the trash F2P games.

  • PoloBaquerizoH

    Damn mobile always no guarantees of your money

  • scottsoapbox

    We are no longer buying software; We are renting it.

  • qdiddy


  • rich_952000

    Well, it's a lesso learned. You pay a premium price and you better play that game. I'm guilty too and just lost about $20 from this list alone not to mention games like Bioshock that I paid $15 for that I got to play twice for a few minutes each time. I would say we, as consumers, should only buy from established companies, but it doesn't honestly get much more solid than EA and 2K from a gamers standpoint.

    I guess the casual F2P gamers score the win here as their games the spend money on (CoC, FarmVille and Candy Crush-alikes) are still alive and kicking in the top charts and they could delete those off their device and literally jump back in five years from now right where they left off.

    F2P for life! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • rich_952000

      Sorry for the typos, driving...yet felt strongly enough to reply.

      • MrAlbum

        Don't reply while your car is in motion. Pull over into a parking lot if you have to comment. Seriously, you're a danger on the road if your eyes are constantly darting from the road to your phone. Your phone is a distraction that can get someone killed in that kind of environment. Sorry if this comes off strong, but I've heard too many horror stories of texting while driving AND I know what it's like to commute an hour both ways every day, AND I took several company-mandated safe-driving classes that hammer the point home of the dangers of distractions like your phone while on the road, so I hope that explains why I'm coming off as harsh here. Seriously though, don't reply while driving.

    • gleeclub

      good points

    • Mess

      As others have said you may be able to download them from your purchased list. Also what's wrong with bio shock? I bought it but struggled to play well on my phone so what backlogging it for a new iPad (maybe this year), if it doesn't work anymore that will be sad 🙁

  • Derprozess

    I couldn't agree more. I mean, look at FIFA - no real multiplayer, pay to win trash, and as soon as the new season starts you lose all the money invested in the game. I still play FIFA 14 for multiplayer matches, and I'm not alone there - everytime I search for a match they are at least 300 players online. But I guess it wont take long until the multiplayer will be removed, so this is really bad news. I also have at least half of the games EA is removing from the Appstore 🙁

  • sobriquet

    Fortunately I only have one of those games, Mass Effect, and only bought that about six months ago. Still haven't really spent any time with it (too many games) and now it's gone. If it doesn't work on iOS 9 I guess I'm screwed.

    Someone from TA asked the question "why should a game that cost $30 on steam only cost $5 on mobile?", I think we have our answer. Furthermore developers who are now charging 10 to 20 dollars for their games need to keep this in mind and make sure they are ready to keep the games operational on future devices. Don't get me wrong. I'm all for supporting the devs, but the first time I pay $20 for a game and then can't play it a few years later there's going to be a riot. Probably just at my house but you get my point.

  • Shari Morehead

    EA being EA. Worst game company ever. Not buying a single thing of theirs again. I bought many of these (Flight Control was a CLASSIC!) and never got around to playing Dead Space. Done with them.

    Makes me hesitant to keep buying premium games for my mobile backlog if they get pulled before I get around to playing them. No wonder my Vita and 3DS don't get dusty. :/

  • gleeclub

    how about some reimbursement??? I paid full price back in 2012, for 2 of those games,that doesn't seem right to me

  • Design by Adrian

    Flight Control is one of the best strategy games on the App Store!

  • halfthaimix

    Wtf ? People should get their money back .giving birth to piracy

  • Durduhdur

    Why don't you take the SNES Mario cartridge and play it on the wii u try that. Maybe this is a good analogy to get people to understand iOS is a speeding train going forward in order to play those old games people can't expect them to continually be updated forever at the companies expense. I've bought several iterations of Mario including ones on the virtual Nintendo store. How much value/play time for a 99 cent game would you guys like? Yes other publishers do update for iOS but they don't have to. You guys sound like entitled brats complaining about this stuff.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I don't think anyone is arguing that these games should be eternally updated forever, and your comparison of trying to put a SNES cart into a Wii U isn't what I'm talking about at all. Instead, if you've got an iPhone/iPad that you had running an older OS with these older games, you should be able to still download/play them instead of them just being deleted from existence. Apple doesn't even sign older versions of iOS anymore, so even if you wanted to (for instance) roll back to iOS 7 and play games that don't work in iOS 8, you couldn't.

    • sobriquet

      entitle: furnish with grounds for laying claim.

      I payed for a game so I can play it when I want to. That is my grounds for laying claim, yes I am entitled to it.

      brat: a child, especially an annoying, spoiled, or impolite child.

      Why do you feel entitled to call people names for actually being entitled to something? It's not as if anybody is expecting anything they don't have a claim to.

      douche bag: a contemptible or despicable person.

    • Derp De Derp

      It sounds like you pretty much missed the point entirely and tried to make an analogy that just doesn't work. Trying to compare outdated physical media to digital media stored in the cloud is silly to begin with.

      If you really want to use physical media as an example,a far more accurate analogy would be; owning a Wii U, and then paying a premium for, say, Dead Space on-disc. Then, a while later (say, a year or so) the Wii U firmware updates, and may--or may not--run the game anymore.

      But it doesn't matter, because EA has decided to take away the disc that you paid for altogether, so that you have no way to play the game, even if you were to go back and jailbreak/downgrade the firmware to let the game run again.

  • Adams Immersive

    Guess I'll make sure to play Dead Space before I update my iPad to iOS 8!

  • Sgozzolino

    I bought several games from this list and for me, Dead Space for iPad was very important. Now it's gone and I can't download it anymore. I think that this is a kind of issue that gradually keeps me away from buying anything from the app store. If i buy something, I should be able to play it anytime I want, even years later.

  • BitGameReviews

    EA needs to stop chasing a quick buck while killing their long term brand value.

  • Mr Forsyt

    I have contacted various people in the industry about creating a National Video game library. More and more games are getting digital release and many of them kind of just drift off to be forgotten about. If we as gamers think gaming is an art form then we have a responsibility to preserve it. It really does blow my mind that it's 2015 and we still don't have someplace in the world where people are curating any of this,

  • mindseyes

    DEAD DPACE WHAT THE HELL?????? Flight control??? Man So what if u paid for these.?

  • Mr. Gamer

    So I had most of those games but I just didn't have them DLed and I hardly connect to iTunes through computer. Am I SOL? If so, that sucks but I hardly played them anymore which was why they were deleted in the first place.

  • mindseyes

    I loved dead space on all devices but I have removed it several times cause space issues as long as it comes back I'm cool .

  • bones boy

    I tried to play Flight Control over the Labor Day weekend and noticed the leaderboard nor multiplayer was working. Darn. I guess if it's not free-to-play it's outta here.

  • pauldavidmerritt

    I have a whole lot of words from fire to say about this. Honestly, I hope my fury (and all of yours) horribly hexes the people at EA in charge of these decisions.

  • Oliver Foggin

    With tvOS around the corner and the ability to make it a games console of types the only reason I see the idiot money grabbers at EA doing this is so that they can release them exclusively for tvOS and get into the launch titles.

    Dirty money grabbing greedy fat cats.

    I won't be buying anything from EA again. They even ruined Sim City... How is that even possible?!

  • Dawn Stung atoms

    Apple simply needs to give consumers the option to install/downgrade iOS versions. That way, developers/publishers won't need to be bothered to remove their legacy apps that they don't update for newer iOS.

    • Matt Curtis

      That probably won't happen, considering the security implications.

    • Nightxx

      Backward compatibility exists in windows so I see no reasons why iOS cant have that. Sure its not perfect but still an option to fiddle around with.

  • vicsark

    I had bought all the EA catalog at 0.99 during an holidays sale back in the day in 2011. Almost none are still buyable on the EA appstore page. This is crazy.
    So sad to see they also discontinued Flight Control which was one of the best games on iOS period.
    I still have it on my iPad and I checked, you can download the missing games in your bought apps list. Until an OS update breaks them definitely 🙁
    But this issue, and another story from a year ago about other big games pulled out of the appstore and not updated anymore, made me way more selective in buying games on iOS. I used to buy almost every game TA reviewed at 3 stars and up when it was on sale.

  • Gurney Halleck

    This is sad news. Dead Space is still one of my favorite titles on iOS and still looks and plays amazingly well. Same for Mass Effect: Infiltrator, despite it being a shorter game than Dead Space. I can understand removing real racing as it has two well-developed sequels, but removing flight control and flood control rocket? Those are still exceptional casual titles and it was relevant today as when it was first released as far as fun and challenge factor is concerned. I agree that there should be some kind of legacy vault or protection for titles like this. Maybe this has something to do with the cost of keeping titles on the App Store. I wonder if Apple would consider it worthwhile to protect the pedigree of gaming on their platform and allow legacy or classic titles to be grandfathered into the AppStore eliminating the cost for being kept on the App Store if they have been downloaded a certain requisite number of times to achieve a kind of Hall of Fame status. Apps achieving this status can then live on in the app store and perhaps share a large a cut of sales with Apple in exchange for sustained free hosting. This could help ensure that the platform maintains its history and doesn't give the impression of the throwaway nature of quality premium titles on iOS which would be good for the App Store his reputation as a legitimate gaming platform. Absent a solution like this I feel like this does considerable damage to the legitimacy of iOS as a serious gaming platform like Steam, or GOG..

  • @DE_Clements

    EA = Electronic / ¥
    ( | )'s
    | * |

    Sadly, they have continued to show their true (corporate greed) mindset for some time now; if you've been following along.😤😡😕👎👋

  • pouffie

    Why is there no article on the biggest SCAM pulled by EA on the ios appstore? I am talking about the Cause of Death and Surviving High School games with their episodic content. Those games had tons of IAPs in chapters and volumes and they were quite costly in fact. The worst is that after a bit of inactivity, the apps would reset themselves and delete all purchased content (you thus had to re-download everything). EA suddenly decided to pull the apps, and a few months later to close the servers. Before the grand closing, EA advertised a mega sale for all those interested. Needless to say many many people bought stuff they can no longer play now that the servers are down. eA is not refunding them either. Go check the facebook pages for those apps to see the people's comments. Biggest scam ever!

  • Wizard of Odyssey

    Everyone seems to be dumping on EA, as if this is some "worst company in America" evil thing they did. Quietly pulling ancient games doesn't seem so bad, and it's not like they're the first to do so -- Squeenix and Sega come to mind, but there are many many many others that have just stopped working.

    It's Apple who made iOS 9 incompatible with the old games. Why should EA spend development time updating 17 games that are no longer commercially viable? I agree with Eli that we really need some legacy mode where old code can play in its own sandbox.

    Failing that, it would be nice to see a quick and easy way to recompile old code to be compatible in the new iOS with minimal effort from the developer.

    • Nightxx

      SE, Sega, Konami did pull titles but they did that after acknowledging you first. Someone that cant be said about how EA works.

      Japanese companies have more respect than any westerner company will ever have.

  • Supermarioooo

    Another brilliant game that disappeared is Capcoms Ghost Trick. It broke when iOS 8 came out, they eventually did release a really half assed update which meant the game would load but you couldn't restore in app purchases and now it's gone from the AppStore again. Basically it's been unplayable for a year.

    As bad as EA are, I think the Japanese publishers like Square Enix and Capcom are borderline inept, they should either up their game and start fixing titles when they break or just quit making mobile games and go away. The World Ends With you fiasco was terrible and Square Enix have already put up a load of iOS 9 warnings on their games, so be prepared for all those expensive games to break again, Capcom on the other hand probably won't even warn anyone

    • Dailon Huskey

      I am running iOS9 beta 1 and secret of mana no longer opens just a crash no way to play it. So far that's the only square game I have that's messed up and I own all the FF and DQ games plus chrono trigger and TWEWY. Hopefully it's just the beta and when the real thing hits it doesn't break it because I really like secret of mana but right now can't play it. Also doom and destiny advanced does same thing.

      • Supermarioooo

        Thanks for letting me know, I guess it doesn'y sound all bad then. I'm still going through TWEWY at the moment, would hate for that not to work when iOS 9 comes out, and hopefully I'll be playing FF6 next, had that installed for ages but never got round to playing it

  • nkx

    This is why I stopped buying ea games and gamesoft games they don't support them after awhile and frankly I don't find them very good.

  • HippoHumper

    Man. I still haven't beaten the Turian campaign in Mass Effect Infiltrator. He will forever languish in that Cerberus facility due to my procrastination...

  • vic_viper_001

    "Do not store up for yourselves treasures on iOS devices where updates and iOS versions destroy, and where thieves and IAP break in and steal."

  • rewind

    So now this has me thinking... Why should I ever play an EA game again? Is my next favorite game just going to be removed once it becomes unpopular? I sort of understand not continuing to update older games, but don't delete them from the store. This is why I only trust certain companies such as Supercell, possibly King and Rovio, and some smaller ones, but it's really frightening what can just happen overnight.

  • Gamer_Kev

    This is the exact reason why I hesitate to spend very much on iOS games. I buy expensive games all the time on other platforms because I know I get to keep what I buy. I've lost a lot of good iOS games over the years. Pulłing a game from the store is one thing, but a game should never be pulled from someone's personal account library.

  • paulocmc

    That sucks, the biggest companys show not much concern about the mobile gaming market

  • taiga97

    Why is it that playable good games get pulled. I wish it was the thousands of games that probably only took an hour make that left.

  • gleeclub

    this is crap

  • gleeclub

    that actually is a theft, stealing, because i bought and owned the 2 games, WOW

    • Anonomation

      You can still download them if you really owned them. Sooooooo...

  • demod1

    Yeah... such BS! The App Store is the only place you can buy a game and then have it taken away like you don't own it. This ain't a rental service!

  • E305

    Sooooo, what about the games from EA that we paid for? Are we gonna get refunded back for them? Smh!

    • Anonomation

      No, you can still download them from your purchased list.

  • Mekklesack

    Crap! Mass Effect Infiltrator taught me how to play Mass Effect in the fist place! This is a tragedy! Also, Spy Mouse!!! Noooo!!

  • Mekklesack

    Oh wait, they're still still there if you've downloaded them already.

  • gleeclub

    i CANT DOWNLOAD anything from anywhere at all, all gone. PISSED OFF

  • gleeclub

    CORRECTION, i CAN download my games, i checked again, and i can, sorry

  • iamninja

    I have a few points to make.

    1. People who have purchased this game can still re-download it. So don't think it's gone forever. (Check purchase history)

    2. As a serious ios gamer I never update major software releases specifically because I know some developers won't update their games for the next software. For example. Drake rider from square Enix. It works fine on ios7 but not on ios8. So I have my iPad mini 2 still on ios7 and I have my iPhone 6+ on iOS 8 and will keep it on iOS 8. When the iPhone 7 launches in 2016 that will be and stay on ios9.

    3. It's not the developers fault they pulled the games. You had years to purchase these games and you chose not to. If you want to blame someone, blame apple for not letting you downgrade your iOS to play games and for charging developers to stay in the App Store.

  • Mr Dubstep

    This is happening a lot with Triple-A iOS developers like EA Mobile, SEGA Mobile, and Gameloft. They all make the jump to F2P cash grabs, but then realise that they have heaps of much better, readily available premium games and ports, so as to ensure people only buy the F2P cash grabs they bury them in the dust. Truly horrendous trend.

    • sobriquet

      Disney is another offender. That dropped a bunch of games earlier this year. I only owned one of them and I made sure I have a back on my PC. They claimed it was so they could focus on future games. F2P is mostly what I've seen them releasing.

  • nkx

    Stop supporting ea games they make garbage freemium same with gamesoft

  • Derp De Derp

    Holy shit, Mass Effect Infiltrator? Really? I had that on my iPad up until a few months ago just because I enjoyed going back and messing around with it. And now it's gone?

    Feels like I lost an old friend. Only far less dramatic.

  • walmartpolice

    AppCake is how you keep these games alive.

  • Squablo

    Someone needs to make an iOS emulator. You could switch the iOS version to accommodate games that need an older iOS. Problem solved. Now, someone get on that!

    • nkx

      Forget making a emulator just stop supporting a rubbish company people when the money runs dry then you will see them try and make better quality

  • TheOutlander

    Dead Space and Mass Effect Infiltrator, aw c'mon EA, those two were the best games you published 🙁

  • apolloa

    EA switch of games servers when THEY don't want to support them anymore, and that includes very popular classic console and PC games. So it's no surprise really.

  • SupraMan21

    They all were silently removed cause they sucked... Dead space was horrible iPhone port. Spore was such a huge let down and I'm very surprised bio shock isn't up there. Cause all they did with thoes console ports was take everything that made the game Fantastic make it shitty and the game way shorter witch I know so they could port on iPhone but still. Ruined the expirence comparing both console and iPhones games

    • Kizmatti

      You are so completely wrong. Deadspace on iphone was not a port of the console version. Ive played both thru myself. Ios version is its own game and really good.

      Also if any of those EA games have been purchased before EA removed them you can redownload them forever by going into your purchased games on your ios device.

      • SupraMan21

        Ture dat well I watch the making of dead space before it came out on consoles. They were huge fans of the horror movie genre. So they based there sound effects and visuals effects off that idea. From the lighting flickering to just going pitch black everywhere to the random loud noises when you turn a corner. Even to the gore blowing off heads and peices of brain and there chest cavity flying everywhere they wanted it to play like it was a horror movie to scare ur nipples off. It's what made the game great. And made me wanna play it. Take all thoes ideas and dumb them down to barley happening or to only certain lvls = Not dead space just a faded memory of a great idea with boring expirences much like movies with the same cliche Scenes over and over again... And to mee that's all this is I quickly got my money back. But I'm glad you enjoyed it you should try the console version of dead space since you liked the iPhone version. But then again blowing up babies was still fun :3

      • SupraMan21

        And kicking babies :-33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

      • SupraMan21

        Well I left a huge explanation why thoes are my thoughts but touch arcade took it down I guess... Kicking babies are still fun tho and Your name seems familiar maybe I'm just Tripping ...

  • Andre Fairchild

    nod to self: never buy EA shit


    i haven't bought any EA shit for a while now. ha

  • Rain1dog

    Yeah, Dead Space was one of the top 5 iOS games for me along with Space Miner

  • Anonomation

    The funny thing is that pirates can have these games forever.

    • n00b

      Yeah... And those who bought the game also can download them again forever.

  • appfreak

    Man creates game → Evil men purchase man's game and soul→ Games become extinct → Man makes new better game

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      here's mine: the developers creates a game → the misers refuse to buy the developers' game → the game gets removed from the app store → the developers creates another game

  • stubbieoz

    It's a lesson well learnt for me. Stop buying premium games on iOS if I am not going to play them now!
    I am a sucker for buying on impulse premium games from the App store. Thinking that I can play them later when I get the time. That stops today.

    Games on my windows 7 pc however will remain there forever to play because that pc's hardware will not allow me to update the operating system.

    This will certainly change where my gaming dollar goes from here on.

  • Benz0r

    I worked on both Flight Control and Real Racing - sad to see them go.

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    oh EA you just love to bring more hatred don't ya? I'm not happy to see Dead Space, Spy Mouse and Bejeweled 2 getting removed from the app store

    the misers will pay for this

  • heyday72

    You're just read my mind. I always found it strange that games disappear from the AppStore vanishing from existence. There must be someone out there making some kind of MAME program for Apple/IOS that brings back every IOS game ever removed. Please people, get this message into the world and shake things up at Apple.

  • Liggerstuxin

    Got to love the whiners crying about how they bought it but haven't played them yet... They're still available for people who already purchased it. Also, if you haven't played by now you obviously don't really care to play it and are just complaining for the sake of it .

  • LanceAvion

    Holy shit this sucks 😕 turns out I never got around to actually buying Mass Effect and Dead Space. I wanted to play them some time too 😭

  • jcflyingblade

    Not really sure why companies like EA don't make a big public announcement that these games will be pulled. Surely there will be plenty of players who haven't downloaded these games yet who will do so in the last week (to play on old devices that can't be upgraded to the latest iOS anyway) earning EA a quick boost to their pockets.
    Sure, people will moan about the games being pulled but at least they'll hand over cash first...

  • negitoro

    I really don't think EA is fully at fault here.

    After all, when you're selling games at 99 cents you have to sell a ton of them just to justify the cost of having a small team working on them to update them. These are resources that are put to better use making new games or updating games that people are still actively buying.

    The problem is honestly that new iOS versions break old software way way way too often, especially for an OS that has a new major version every year. If everytime I updated Windows from like 8 to 8.1 or whatever, and half my software started glitching out there'd be a revolt.

    • sobriquet

      Windows software has to updated by the developer to stay compatible with current version of windows and those that don't could stop working or mess up your computer. BSOD😖
      You make a good point about iOS though,
      Annual whole sale updates do make it hard for developers to stay on top of it. We just need something, like the Windows option to run software in different compatible modes, for iOS. It just unfair to both the customers and the developers having to make choices like this. I would bet games wouldn't get pulled if it wouldn't cost more to update an app then they stand to make from future sales, but pulling it sucks for the customers and we get pissed at them for their shrewd business decisions. It's a lose/loss situation for them.

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  • epik5

    So they wasted their time updating these game, with a promise saying that they will update all their games for the future devices, probably nba jam might be removed

  • TallBearNC

    If you paid or got a fee app with iaps , you can ALWAYS redownload the games from purchased area. Those CANNOT be taken from U as you legally bought it.

    However, if the game requires a SERVER, and the server has been closed, you can DL it but it won't work

    If it doesn't need a server or even a basic login server, u can play as much as u like.

    RARELY, and I mean RARELY, will a game no longer show under personal purchase history. This is way i ALWAYS say DOWNLOAD THE APP TO YOUR ITUNES ON WINDOWS OR OSX *** AND*** make sure u back up your HD(s).

    This way you can ALWAYS install it from iTunes regardless if apple, in very rare circumstances erases it from the DL cloud. I can still DL apps from b4 the ipad1 circa iPhone 2/3 era.

    My irritation as with the game surviving high school that EA pulled. They had tons of episodes that I had not gotten around to playing with because I started the game in late 2015, and I bought all of these episodes and suddenly when I try to play them it says it can't connect to the server. This is one of these games where it really doesn't need a server. 99% of everything done is handled by the client and you only log into the server so it can retain some game statistics. In this case if EA or another developer wants to phase a game out, then release a freaking patch for the game so it no longer needs a server so people were paid money for these episodes can keep paying them

    It took me a while but I finally hammered out a refund of all iAp purchases and the entire purchase of the game from Apple. Apple can't sell apps and episodes for games and then suddenly have it pulled and expect not to give people a refund If they can no longer play it