TouchArcade’s Giant List of the Best Mobile Games of 2022

Alongside picking a Game of the Year, we also like to highlight all the many great games released during the year that were excellent in their own right but didn’t quite make it to Game of the Year status. In the world of mobile, this is always a daunting task. Dozens of games release each week, and even if in each of those batches there’s only one or two good ones, you’re still staring at more than 100 noteworthy games by the end of any given year. It’s very, very difficult to try to pare down that list into something that’s manageable for an end of year feature. There’s been years where we’ve just gone ahead and done a top 100 list, but that is an enormous amount of work and we are a very tiny staff operating on an even tinier budget. Heck even a top 50 list is many man-hours that we just don’t have.

So for 2022 I’ve decided to do something a bit different. Below I’ve compiled all of our Game of the Week picks for 2022. All of these would have been on a Best of 2022 list anyway, but instead of us having to painstakingly write individual summaries for every game, you can simply click the link to the Game of the Week article where I’ve already previously written several paragraphs about each game and why it’s great. That gives you a solid list of 51 (there was no GotW last week) games to sift through looking for anything you might have missed, and with more information on each one than our traditional Best Of lists would have anyway. That seems like a win-win!

Of course, there were more great games than just what made our Game of the Week picks, and so below all of those you can find our Honorable Mention picks for both Apple Arcade and Netflix, and then a short but sweet list of other regular App Store games that we loved this year.

Games of the Week for 2022













Apple Arcade Honorable Mentions:

Netflix Honorable Mentions:

App Store Honorable Mentions:

Phew! That is A LOT of games, and believe me when I tell you that this list was twice as long when we began this whole process. I think that if TouchArcade is somehow still kicking around by the end of 2023, we’ll start the process well in advance and just try to include every-damn-thing that we thought was cool from the year. If there are things you thought should have been included on our lists but wasn’t, be sure to list them in the comments section below, as there are no doubt many great games that we weren’t able to feature and you might just help someone find something cool to play that they never would have known about otherwise. Isn’t that why we’re all here in the first place? Thanks to everyone for reading TouchArcade in 2022 and we’ll look forward to another banner year of mobile gaming in 2023!

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