TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Micro RPG’

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I feel like idle games are one of those perfect fits for the mobile platform. Not that they replace more involved gaming experiences when you’re in the mood for that, but they do fit in alongside other types of games just fine as a “go to" when you want something fun to keep you busy for a short burst here and there throughout the day. The problem is that some idle games are just too… idle, you know? Yes I want a quick-hit gaming experience where I don’t have to think too hard about or spend too much time playing, but I still want to DO something while I’m at it, not just stare at the screen.

Thankfully developers have found ways to combine idle-style incremental games with simplified mechanics that still test a players skill without forcing a commitment to anything too complex. That is exactly what Micro RPG does so well. It’s a game built entirely on a combat mechanic that’s just a single-tap timing game, but it still features a good amount of strategy and skill if you want to be successful. A surprising amount, in fact. This is accompanied by lots of cool things to upgrade and progress bars to fill up, scratching that idle game itch at the same time.

As enemies approach your character, a dial of sorts that shows an attack area cone spins around and you’ll simply tap to stop it, with any enemies inside that cone getting attacked. That’s just at its most basic. What makes the combat so interesting in Micro RPG is the brilliant weapon system. You have short, medium, and long-range attacks and numerous weapon types for each that all have their own “cone zone" and attributes. Choosing the right weapons before each fight, and then utilizing those weapons properly during the fight, is crucial to being successful.

The combat in Micro RPG is surprisingly strategic, but its simplicity also makes it fun and satisfying. Easy to whip out and play but there’s still skill involved and plenty to think about in terms of what weapons to use and which enemies to go after. There’s tons of unlockable stuff, a bunch of playable characters, a lengthy campaign, and a very slick Challenge mode that’s sort of like a progressively more difficult survival mode complete with leaderboard integration. It’s a very free to play game but not in a gross way, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t at least give Micro RPG a shot for yourself right this minute.

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