TouchArcade Game of the Week: ‘Krispee Street’

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Krispee Street is a new hidden object game from Frosty Pop that is based on their popular and almost painfully sweet webcomic Krispee. This is one of the latest titles to be added to the Netflix Games catalog, which means you’ll need to log into your Netflix account with an active subscription before you’re able to play it. Yeah, it’s a little weird but subscription gaming is one of those things that’s probably not going away anytime soon. And hey, who doesn’t have Netflix, amirite? Anyway, on to Krispee Street.

As stated this is a hidden object game, and you’ll be scanning huge scenes filled with all the quirky characters from the Krispee comics, and then some. The scenes are very elaborate and feature all sorts of stuff going on, just like those Where’s Waldo? (or Where’s Wally? depending on which side of the ocean you’re from) books we grew up with many years ago. Once clever bit I haven’t seen in other hidden object games is that you’re given a circle in the middle of the screen (or around the edges if you head to the options menu) that shows the object or character you’re looking for, and this makes scanning around a whole lot easier with each object laid over the scene.

That’s not to say that Krispee Street is easy though, and in fact it’s quite challenging. The scenes are SO saturated with activity and objects that you really need to sort of “get in the zone" to pick things out while scanning. And even if you’re in the zone it’s still common to get stuck on one object for an absurd amount of time. I’m ashamed to admit how much time I spent hunting for the butterfly in the very first scene in the game. That’s sort of the point of these games though, isn’t it? Get lost and zen out for a bit while object hunting?

After completing a brief tutorial level there are 6 full scenes to scour, with at least 2 more already marked as coming soon, as well as a daily scene that changes every 24 hours. Finding objects earns you coins, and earning enough coins lets you unlock one of a number of collectible cards. This seems like the sort of thing that could drive a free to play game, but these Netflix games don’t have ads or IAP, so really it’s just a fun extra bit of progression.

Did I mention that Krispee Street is adorable? That probably should have been first and foremost. Yes, it’s a great hidden object game, but mostly because the characters and personality of the scenes are a joy to explore. There’s also a very cool dynamic music system which has the tunes and sound effects just slightly change up depending on where your little search reticule is focused. Scanning past a rock concert? Some drums and electric guitar kick in. Going past a group of cyclists? Expect to hear some bike bells ringing. This is definitely a game where you should have the sound up, and preferably with some headphones.

I am not a big hidden object game person. I adored Hidden Folks several years ago mostly due to just how charming it was, and Krispee Street is very much in this same league. It’s very hard not to smile while playing and noticing all the little activities going on. It has also been my introduction to the Krispee comics, which are similary charming and enjoyable, so if you’ve never checked those out you can find them on the Krispee website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Needless to say, if you have a Netflix account there’s no reason not to just give Krispee Street a shot for yourself.

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