This week on the TouchArcade Show, we make fun of angry Internet comments. We also toss a lot of time to Vote, Chair Entertainment's political hack-and-slash video game. In our actual games section, we dive into the latest, greatest, and best in iOS: Dragon Island, Infinite Warrior, Window Warrior, and Mikey Shorts all get some time in the spotlight.

In our second half, we dive into our Warhammer hopes and dreams, as I get excited about Games Workshop embracing phones and tablets. We also discuss Plants vs. Zombies and our feelings on what appears to be some struggles at PopCap Games.

There's much more of course. If you'd like to listen, punch these links below. If you'd like to subscribe and get our content the second its released wide on the web, you can do so via iTunes and Zune Marketplace.


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  • Michael Reurink

    You didnt mention guild wars 2 headstart at midnight tonight. Gave me douche chiils:P 

    • kendahlj

      What the heck are douche chills?

      • AV CLUB

        Used correctly, the phrase is supposed to refer to that shudder you get when someone says something extremely creepy or inappropriate. 

        Not mentioning Guild Wars 2 Headstart in a podcast about iOS games isn't using the phrase correctly, though possibly the really weird misuse could itself be douche chills inducing. 

      • Michael Reurink

        When diablo 3 released they basically devoted half a podcast to it so covering a little guild wars 2 seems like it would fit right in.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        Well if you know what douching is, I figure it's just like any other chill you get except you get it when you're douching.

        Kinda like when you shit a good shit.

  • subshell001

    Does this work in the Podcasts app yet?

    • Vanamonde

      Still doesn't work for me in the Apple Podcast App.

      When I try and grab the episode, I get a 'can't be downloaded at this time' error.

      It will not stream the episode either, when I click on the episode title in the app, it goes through a list of past episodes and craps out.

      • subshell001

        Yeah, this needs to be fixed. It's the only podcast that does this. Someone from TA needs to get on it!

      • mguniverse

        Get Instacast, you won't regret it.

    • jamarohn

      I get an "invalid link" error message. When I try to search for touch arcade from within the app, there are no search results. Poopsicle.

      • jamarohn

        Aaaaaaand never mind then. I figured out I went about it the wrong way. Tsp the "Catalog" button at the top left, search for touch arcade, open the tile, and tap subscribe. Works like a charm for me.