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Official ‘Warhammer Quest’ Heading to iOS Next Spring

Games Workshop announced today that an official Warhammer iOS game is coming next year courtesy of Hunters ($4.99) and Hunters 2 ($1.99) developer Rodeo Games. If you’re thinking that the fantastic top-down game engine and proven strategy gameplay in the Hunters series seems like a perfect fit for the classic tabletop game Warhammer, then you’re not alone – it seems like a match made in heaven.

The iOS game will be based on Warhammer Quest, originally released as a physical board game in the mid-1990s. While a Spring 2013 release window seems like an awful long time away, Rodeo will actually be showing off a playable version of Warhammer Quest at the UK Games Day next month.

Unfortunately this new teaser trailer doesn’t offer much information or show any actual gameplay, but check it out anyway and mark your calendars for the first official Warhammer mobile game hitting next year.

We’ll have more on Warhammer Quest for iOS as soon as we get it and our forums would be a good place to stop by for discussion on the game.