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TA Plays: ‘Dragon Island’ – A 2D, ‘Pokemon’ Style RPG

Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I spent some time with Dragon Island. It’s a 2D RPG that plays a lot like Pokemon. In the game, you capture and battle monsters. As a trainer of sorts, you’re also tasked with powering up these little darlings and evolving them into newer, and most often, bigger, monsters. Dragon Island has a quest system, too, as well as traditional dungeons to explore. You’ll see a little of everything in our video.

It’s doubtful that Dragon Island will ever be able to shake the Pokemon comparisons, but it does some things a differently. For instance, its world navigation is breezier, as it simply uses a world map for travel. Dragon Island also uses a dual-currency system and has free-to-play functionality.

We’re on the fence about this, mainly because it feels like a little too uninspired from a production standpoint. Dragon Island is slated to hit really soon across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

NOTE: We’re aware that my voice is way louder than Eli’s. We’ve fixed the issue, but are not able to address it in this specific bit of audio. Apologies.