TA Plays: ‘Mikey Shorts’ – A Platformer with Mass Appeal

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Today I sit down and give Bradley a first-hand demonstration of my epic platforming skills in the new game Mikey Shorts ($1.99) from BeaverTap Games. Actually, I focus more on demonstrating and explaining the game than I do shooting for new world records, but I’ll let my current dominance of the #1 spots on the Game Center leaderboards speak for themselves. I also expect to get annihilated once the game releases worldwide and gains a bunch of new players, but it was nice while it lasted.

Mikey Shorts is the kind of game that any type of gamer can love. If you want to leisurely work through its levels taking in the vibrant visuals and unlocking a ton of different items to deck out your player with, that’s totally fine. There’s no pressure to hurry if you don’t want (well, in Story Mode at least. Challenge Mode levels have timers, but they’re still pretty easygoing for basic 1-star completion). There’s plenty to enjoy about Mikey Shorts even if you aren’t interested in the time trial aspect at all.

However, if you’re the type who will endlessly replay levels over and over, striving to shave just a fraction of a second off your top best time to inch you ahead on the leaderboard, then Mikey Shorts is your next obsession. Each level begs to be deconstructed and explored as you search out every optimal path and little trick that will give you an advantage against the clock. It can be exhilarating nailing that one perfect run, not to mention massively rewarding.

Not bad for a couple of forum bums I’d have to say. Speaking of forums, everybody can’t seem to stop gushing about the game in ours. Mikey Shorts is now available as a Universal app for 99¢ and you should check it out if you have even the slightest interest in platforming games.

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    RUN, JUMP, and SLIDE to save the day! Collect coins and find hidden Golden Shorts! Earn more stars with faster times! …
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