As readers are by now aware, the iPad 2 launched last week, bringing with it a powerful dual-core CPU and a dramatically more capable graphics subsystem. And, aside from pushing more polygons and tossing more texels, the GPU in the A5 at the heart of the iPad 2 is capable of mirroring its screen to an external display via the Apple Digital AV Adapter, which provides HDMI-out.

To give a folks a look at this feature in action, I've put together a video of the iPad 2 running through a number of games and apps, with video mirrored to a 50-inch plasma HDTV.

(Note that we can't be responsible for any rifts in space-time caused by watching this video on an iPad 2 outputting to an external HDTV.)

UPDATE: Lots of readers have been asking what app is shown here or there in the video. Here's the list of apps shown, in order: AirCoaster, Infinity Blade, Bit.Trip Beat HD, X-Plane 9, Centipede Ultra [app link],ย Pocket Pond HD, Sword of Fargoal Legends, PongVaders, [clip from The Rock (film)], Google Earth, Intellivision, MiniGore HD, Modizer, ActiveGS Apple IIgs emulator running NinjaForce's Mega Demo followed by FTA's Delta Demo.

  • Dorfdad

    How are these controlled? I mean is it not a problem to look at the TV screen and the Ipad to control these games? What is needed is a real controller.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I tried it out for awhile. My 5-year-old daughter thought it was "super cool". I need a longer HDMI cable, but it's nice for sharing your experience. The person playing is usually looking at the iPad of course. Didn't have to for Tiny Wings though. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Looks pristine when you hold it in landscape. It's a little scaled down when you hold it vertically I think. At least to my eyes it looked that way. Some iPhone apps are stupid about flipping to the right horizontal side, so it was annoying to have to flip the iPad with the big dongle sticking out of it. Plus, the connector is non professional (as always) so it slips out too easily with any minor pressure applied to it.

      It has the option of not mirroring in some apps, so it can output 720p. Don't know about 1080p.

      Overall, I think it's "super cool" as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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  • Deamon34

    It looks just like a big ipad

  • Anonymous

    I think this is pretty useless... except for showing photos and videos... but is that limited to 4:3 or can they display at 16:9? If they can't display at 16:9, then even that is pretty useless. Can they?

    • Jmslovatt

      Agreed, if it could output at at least 720p this feature would be great for videos and photos

      • Anonymous

        I guess it's not safe to assume people watch the keynotes, huh?

        Well anyway, the iPad 2 can output 1080p with this thing.

      • Anonymous

        I guess it's not safe to assume people watch the keynotes, huh?

        Well anyway, the iPad 2 can output 1080p with this thing.

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the source material. If it's a movie then it'll play in whatever aspect ratio. Apps are all 4:3 on the iPad, because that's their aspect ratio.

      • Anonymous

        Is that speculation on your part, or are you saying that it actually does display at full 720p 16:9? What I read was that it mirrored the display, so then it would seem that it's strictly 4:3. Not true? I hope that it isn't!

      • Anonymous

        No need to speculate. Tons of videos on Youtube

      • Anonymous

        Woah! Thanks for posting that. That definitely makes this adapter more appealing. I can see using this for slideshows now. I kind of wish they had one that ditched the pass-through for less bulk, but I get the reason for it.

    • Robotron2084

      Why is it "useless" if it can't natively display 16:9? Do your eyes stop working if something is 4:3? Sure, 16:9 would be cool, but the iPad, for better or worse, isn't made for that aspect ratio.

      I think it's a pretty cool extra feature. I imagine it may be particularly useful for education and presentation applications.

    • Dvdalimi

      Actally, video will play in 16:9. Watch some demos, on Youtube.

  • Conner_36

    Im waiting for apps that have controls on the ipad and output at the tv ratio 720-1080p!

  • AmpliHelix

    Anybody know what song that is playing at 12:59?

  • Alex Lee

    Loved seeing the IIGS emulated on the big screen...very cool. Looks like the iPad 2 can maintain 60 frames per second too! Looked very smooth.

  • Adams Immersive

    Can you mirror using older forms of video out cable too? Like my lowly composite-out hydra-cable?

  • Jfb

    How did Imangi get video out working before iOS 4.3? It all works fine with their game Max Adventure.

    • Anonymous

      Through VGA. Apple made a dock port to VGA adapter before. This is just 1-up from that.

  • jtambunga

    Question: I have a projector in my media room that is set up through my AVR with HDMI's. Example: PS3 HDMI cable plugs into back of receiver, another HDMI cable goes from the "monitor out" HDMI slot to the projector. Result is I have surround sound for the projector (basic set up, just wanting to explain). I can run an HDMI cable directly to my projector, and it works, but the sound is from the iPad. I am trying to get the iPad 2 to show through the projector AND have surround sound. When I plug the HMDI for the iPad into the receiver, it doesn't have a picture or sound. Any suggestions?

    • blakespot

      My entertainment center setup ignores HDMI audio, and carries it through TOSLINK (optical). I had to wire into the headphone jack to get audio out of the iPad 2 for the purposes of this demo.

  • Seth

    true story if apple tv allowed you to play apps it would be a real contender in the home console market. seems like a pretty easy feature to add yeah?

    • Anonymous

      It does. Imagine an update to the Apple TV with an A5... Still for $99... With games that are free to $9.99. Sounds pretty good to me, assuming they make some kind of Apple Game Controller to go with it (that would also work with the ipad of course) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jay

    Is there noticeable lag between inputs on the device and what is shown on the connected HDTV? Curious if it impacts gaming reaction time at all if you try to play it while looking at the big screen.

    • blakespot

      There is no lag, whatsoever.

  • Mike

    I think it's too easy for people to judge little extras like this. Remember, this thing is a tablet. It's not supposed to be on a big screen, so this is a bonus feature. And to that, I will say: SO DOPE.

    I probably won't use it though. But hey, nice to have if I'm ever feeling extra nerdy.

  • Beodemon

    I just shit bricks.

  • AlanB

    The key advantage would seem to be mirroring video apps like hulu and ABC that do not natively support TV out. I bought the adapter without reading all the fine print ans was disappointed it did not work with my iPad 1.

  • Salsamd
  • Anonymous

    I grabbed the HDMI when I picked up my iPad 2 last week. It's definitely a worthy for for watching movies and excellent if you need to do presentations. As for gaming, not so much. Here's the thing. Games that use surface icons to control the game are very difficult to play, because your fingers will be all over the place trying to "imagine" where they are while looking at your big screen. While games that don't rely on icons work out very nicely - ESPECIALLY driving games or anything accelerometer-driven. So in a nutshell - games like Dungeon Hunter 2 - impossible to play, while Need for Speed: Shift = amazing.

    Netflix flips to full screen coverage which is great, but the games have borders (as show in this article). Wish they were full screen.

    • Anonymous

      Not with Fling. If you can get that working, might be a whole new ballgame!

      • Anonymous

        Oh yeah, forgot about those doo-dads! I was going to pick those up at some point - thanks for the reminder -- could be a great combo.

  • FreeFrog

    Awesomeness. Now you can watch Netflix on a bigger screen and share. Can't imagine it working too well for games though, since it's hard to look at two screen, but touch/tilt one.

  • Yoyofr

    Hi it looks nice! Btw, what is the last app that is showing some demos ?

  • Simon Windmill

    I still think this is in "neat trick" territory until this can be done wirelessly. We've finally gotten rid of the controller cords, I'm not replacing them with an HDMI cable.

    Also needs more games that can be controlled without looking at the screen, of course.

  • blakespot

    I've updated the post to include a list of the games and apps seen during the video. (I was getting lots of inquiries.)

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