iPad 2: HDMI-Out to HDTV Demo Video [Updated]

As readers are by now aware, the iPad 2 launched last week, bringing with it a powerful dual-core CPU and a dramatically more capable graphics subsystem. And, aside from pushing more polygons and tossing more texels, the GPU in the A5 at the heart of the iPad 2 is capable of mirroring its screen to an external display via the Apple Digital AV Adapter, which provides HDMI-out.

To give a folks a look at this feature in action, I’ve put together a video of the iPad 2 running through a number of games and apps, with video mirrored to a 50-inch plasma HDTV.

(Note that we can’t be responsible for any rifts in space-time caused by watching this video on an iPad 2 outputting to an external HDTV.)

UPDATE: Lots of readers have been asking what app is shown here or there in the video. Here’s the list of apps shown, in order: AirCoaster, Infinity Blade, Bit.Trip Beat HD, X-Plane 9, Centipede Ultra [app link], Pocket Pond HD, Sword of Fargoal Legends, PongVaders, [clip from The Rock (film)], Google Earth, Intellivision, MiniGore HD, Modizer, ActiveGS Apple IIgs emulator running NinjaForce’s Mega Demo followed by FTA’s Delta Demo.