‘Intellivision’ Released for iPhone and iPod Touch

VH1 has released the iPhone and iPod Touch version of it’s version of classic Intellivision games. The iPhone version of the game is a free download and comes with Astrosmash. The other five games are available for in app purchase at $0.99 each. In contrast the iPad version which was released late last week costs $2.99 but includes all 6 games together. Here’s a description of all 6 games:

  • ASTROSMASH – Spin. Blast. And drop into hyperspace to avoid a killer asteroid shower. Power on. Attack computer engaged. Fire a quick burst at the alien antagonists. Got ’em!
  • CHIP SHOP GOLF – Fore! Select an easy or a hard course, or put together your own from a selection of 99 holes, many based on the most famous holes in the world!
  • NIGHT STALKER – You’re on the run. Your attackers are relentless robots. Destroy one and it’s replaced by an even smarter, faster robot. It’s a nightmare.
  • THIN ICE – You control Duncan the penguin. Skate around the other penguins, dunking them in the pond. Avoid or dunk the seal and polar bears. Gobble shrimp cocktails for extra speed.
  • THUNDER CASTLE – Guide your knight through the deadly mazes of Thunder Castle, slaying evil dragons, sorcerers and demons as you go.
  • SKIING – Take a deep breath, dig your poles hard into the snow, push off…and you’re speeding down a world class slalom course.

App Store Links: Intellivision (iPhone), Free, Intellivision for iPad, $2.99