It's the weekend, and that means sales on games in the App Store. Here's a list of some stand-outs that are currently on sale or recently price-reduced.

Make your weekend about games.

  • CSJ

    Sword of Fargoal Legends dropped from $6.99 to $0.99 - you missed one!

  • hknamja

    Full Moon: Warrior Within
    Fruit Farm Tycoon
    Luna Story
    Glow Fish Farm
    Fishing Tycoon
    Stack' Em N Roll' Em
    Stack N Smash

    All $.99

  • Doug Davies

    If you want a great Game Center enabled game for FREE -- Tramp Stamp is free for the weekend. Enjoy!

  • Ivan Pogodichev

    Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter 2.99 > 0.99

  • Roman Mastalir

    Airport One for iPad $3.99 > Free for 24h

  • Chris

    Mummy Panic $2.99 to $.99

    Also has huge update, lots of new levels and iPad support.

  • None

    Only for the US Store!! The Aussie price is AUD $5.99 which is USD $6.09
    and the US Store price is $0.99 which should actually be AUD $0.97 but would be AUD $1.19


    BOO Apple and EA

  • Guest

    Same in the german store !!!
    No price drops !
    That's mean... 🙁

  • willow

    No Skate it special in Australia. Americans can't add up!

  • Alebar14

    Yup, same here in New Zealand. Only Prince of Persia. It's only for US Store.Not fair !

  • DragonAgeeee

    Dungeons & Dice : $1.99 > $.99
    You missed one too! (Talisman-like boardgames)

  • Jchayesss

    Instead of commenting on all of the missed prices on games. (good info though). I'm just going to say that I'm glad to have gotten Catacombs back once again. Had it earlier but unknowingly got deleted from my library and was forgotten. Didn't let it get away this time and have played well over half way and really enjoying it.
    Being free, I'd grab it up.

    • Anonymous

      Should have been free to redownload (for you) anyway!

  • Yo bro!

    How is Command and Conquer?

    • Mike

      No fun. Generic. Fail. I don't know why I bought it. Maybe because I buy everything that's $0.99. Almost everything...

  • Eddie

    iEscaper 1 and 2 are now 0.99 - these are two japanese adventure games where you're exploring a ninja lair and a medieval japanese castle, respectively. I'm two hours into the first game and I like it a lot (then again, I'm an old gamer, raised on Monkey Island, 7th Guest and Myst).

  • Bingtian