‘Monster Trucks Nitro’ Now Available

RedLynx Ltd’s Monster Trucks Nitro [App Store], which we previewed earlier,  has appeared in the App Store at a price of $1.99.

monster trucks nitro screen

Features as listed by the developer:

  • Real Monster Trucks physics with iPhone
  • Unique Bubble Level rotation control
  • Includes multiple camera modes including Holographic Pro camera mode
  • Extremely powerful RedLynx Monster Truck and Miniclip monster Trucks
  • Extra achievement Trucks Schoolbus Monster Truck and Formula Monster Truck
  • 8 thrilling tracks with medal achievements, including among others the famous ones like The Loop, The Gap and The Nitromus oximus
  • Top hiscores lists for each track
  • Gesture camera controls

The game is being discussed in a lengthy thread in our forums in which the game has been met with mixed reviews and complaints of a short playtime, with some users having framerate issues.  Forum member Big_Albie gives his critique of the game, which reveals some of the complains readers are finding with the title.

App Store Link: Monster Trucks Nitro, $1.99