TouchArcade’s Top Stories of 2018 – ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Final Fantasy XV’, and ‘The Sims Mobile’

With 2019 almost upon us, let’s look back at what some of our top stories of the year were. When we posted this back in 2017, Pokemon Go (Free) was still going strong, and it seemed like we couldn’t post a story about Brawl Stars (Free) that didn’t generate loads of traffic. You’d think 2018 would be all about Fortnite (Free), but in actuality it would seem that PUBG Mobile (Free) consistently had way more people reading about it. (Although that isn’t really reflected here as a few Fortnite stories did exceedingly well versus PUBG stories doing consistently great.) Interpreting site statistics is always weird though, as that could just mean people read about Fortnite stuff other places, and not that it’s necessarily actually less popular than PUBG. Another theory is that the Fortnite playerbase is younger, and as such, they’re more apt to consume the sort of stories we’d post about as YouTube videos instead of written articles. It’s all really hard to say, and one of the major challenges that come from figuring out the content direction when running a web site like TouchArcade! One thing is for sure, we could basically just not bother posting anything that isn’t a guide for a free to play game, and we’d probably be better off for it. Pretty depressing, but, it is what it is!


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Anyone want to make some guesses as to what the top stories for 2019 are going to be, aside from the obvious free to play guide content that everyone loves to complain about when we post it? Personally, I’m super curious to see if/when Fortnite and PUBG are going to run out of steam. I think they’ve got a lot of legs left, but all it’s going to take is an even more viral hit to happen and the players will migrate to the cool new thing. I guess we’ll just have to see!