Sales Round-Up: ‘Oceanhorn’, ‘Heroes And Castles 2’, ‘Monster Hunter’, And Many More

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I know what you’re thinking. All this E3 stuff is well and good, but I’m tired of watching cool games, I want to play some cool games. Well, it’s your lucky day, because a massive list of great games just went on sale. Some of these games rarely go on sale, a couple are dropping to their lowest prices yet, and at least one is on sale for the first time ever. Here’s the full list so far:

Just look at that list! You could choose any three at random and be set for a good, long while. At the time of writing, I can’t seem to find an occasion for this sale, nor any indication of how long it will last. If you’re looking to fill out your collection, you might want to go ahead and get on those before the sale ends. At least a few of them probably won’t be on sale again for a pretty long while.

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