squareenixlogoSquare Enix is getting into the holiday spirit with a ton of sales on many of their iOS titles. Basically, all the major Final Fantasy titles are on sale, as well as the tactical spinoff Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Also, I really love the Chaos Rings series, Square Enix's mobile exclusive RPGs, and all of those titles have dropped in price right now too. You really can't go wrong with any of them. Of course there's a ton of other stuff from their library on sale too, so give the list below a look over and use the links to our reviews and forums to gather all the information you'll need when deciding what to pick up. Sales will last through January 5th.

  • dude

    the final fantasies are so damn expensive.

    • Brian E

      As someone who used to buy them for $30+, and have to sit in front of a TV to play them, I can tell you that they are not. It's really sad that Apple's market has set an expectation of $2.99 or less as "appropriate", it really cuts down on the potential for games. 🙁

      • Earth Vs. Me

        By that line of thinking, Square Enix could charge $300 for their console games, and when people object to the pricing, one could blame other publishers for setting the going rate at only $60.

        The reason most iOS games cost a few bucks is because publishers have an opportunity to sell far more copies on phones and tablets than they ever would on consoles.

        If you watch the top paid apps chart, you can see that Square's pricing model is holding them back. FF games tend to fall from the charts a few weeks after they're released, while triple A titles that cost under $10 usually stay in the charts more or less for good.

      • Brian E

        But... with price points set at $1-2 you generally end up with straight ports or trivial games lacking in any depth. It's easily possible to support 2-4 developers hacking something together in a few days/weeks with a released title that's $1/game with that volume, but you cant pay for an entire competent and trained group of people to release anything other than a hack-job with $1-$2.

        It's why we'll never see any AAA non-port release in the app store.

        Have you bought a single Wii / Xbox / Playstation / Gameboy game this entire year? That single game was likely >$40. Notice on the other side, you could buy Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for $31.95. It seems a bit hypocritical to be ok with 20 hours of fun for $40, but complain about the price of easily 80+ hours of entertainment for <$32.

      • Brian E

        And again, assuming that price-per-hour is the metric you're trying to optimize. Even if it wasn't you'd get 5 meaningful experiences over the 1 console one.

      • dude12341234

        I don't expect games to be $2.99 I just bought GTA San Andreas for $7 and lego starwars the complete saga for $10. Square enix overprices their games.

        I can't be 100% on this, but I think gta San Andreas cost more money and man hours to make than all of the final fantasies on the appstore and it's only $6.99. It also has 100+ hours of gameplay.

        You can't compare buying Wii/Playstation/xbox games for 40+ bucks that are 1 year or less old to buying a 15 year old game for a third of that price.

        That's $quare enix for ya.

      • SpacePenguinBot

        But look at XCOM. We got a current gen game of the year with countless hours of gameplay for $20. Compared to that FFIII is really only for hardcore fans and is priced accordingly.

      • Brian E

        I totally agree. 2K games did a great job with porting XCOM, and I'm super excited they broke the $9.99 barrier with a AAA title, but again, $20 is only good enough to *port* a AAA title that had phenomenal success on PC/console, not come out and release one on a mobile platform from the start.

        $20 isn't even enough for a company to consider coordinating a mobile release of a game with the console release of a game. Think of what would have happened if they tried to release the PC/console versions and the mobile versions all at $60? People would totally reject the idea. The only way they can release a AAA title is if people saw the $60 version on PC/console, played it (or knew someone that played it), then saw it listed as a discount for $19.99 on the app store.

        XCOM was amazing though, and a second play through on my iPad was just as great. 🙂

      • anabolicMike

        Wrong. I don't believe it has anything to do with having an opportunity to sell more copies. It stems from the fact that most mobile games couldn't have the content or gameplay time a PC game could! So they were cheaper. Why are they not more expensive now that they can equal or better then a ps2? Simply because it's too late market value is set. It's not to do with the amount of ppl who look at your app.

        I also believe that things like steam are suddenly way more popular now then ever because people like the mobile way to do it so much, they now like it on PC.

        I remember people thinking streamed games and etc was a stupid idea. There was some company that tried it years ago... I can't remember. My brain is going spotty.

        Anyway, steams a juggernaut now. I was reading a few studies that say you have a much better chance to make money developing a game for steam then one of the mobile stores. Major reason being that it's so watered down its hard to get noticed. Corse that's where this brilliant website touched arcade and others like it come in.

        I went off topic didn't i? Hmmmmm sorry

      • Brian E

        I so wish OnLive had made it. Would have made it so cheap to game on a PC. 🙁

      • anabolicMike

        Your a smart man

      • anabolicMike

        Sorry the "your a smart man" was for Brian E. Not myself like it looks like hahaha

      • Brian E

        Thank you. 🙂

        I'm not trying to bash on these $1 games. There's a bunch of really great games that I've lost countless hours on, but none of them really hit me in any kind of significant way... it was just something to do while you're on the bus/train or in the bathroom.

        I want to bring up the irony that a mobile platform is potentially a way better platform to game on (or at least as notable as a console), and people will pay $60 for a console game, but cringe when spending even $6 on a mobile game. Major technical feats would be wonderful to see on a massively distributed mobile network (I'm thinking something similar to what the PC version of SimCity could have been before budget became a concern), but would never be feasible in a market where people expect "free to play" as a standard.

        I wish people could realize the dissonance when comparing a mobile game to a console game. They regularly spend $60 for something they can *only* play at home. Why is it suddenly wrong to spend $60 on something that they could play anywhere, any time?

    • Inaba-kun

      Given that they're 50-100 hour games, if you find Square's prices expensive, then you have a seriously skewed sense of value.

      You do know it costs money to make games don't you? Staff have to eat and pay rent.

      • dude12341234

        This is my second account but please look at my post above

      • dude12341234

        It's the one above space penguin's...

      • Brian E

        Agreed. It costs tons of money to make a game, but significantly less to port an existing game. Square Enix has over 3,000 employees, but you can port an existing game in a few months with just 3 employees (especially when you've already ported a few others).

    • visualplayer

      When these first came out for the NES, they were $50 apiece.

  • JustinQ

    I've been waiting for a sale like this. $16 for an app is ridiculous. Too bad Square hasn't gotten FF6 out yet.

    • Mess

      Haven't ever actually played a FF game, but if it is a decent port, I don't think that's to ridiculous.

      I wouldn't pay it as I am not a fan of the game. But if it was Goldeneye from the N64 with online multiplayer? I would snap it up for £10 (which I think is equivalent to $16)

      Back to the list; I will probably pick up Deus Ex.

      • PandionDan

        That's the problem, many of these are not decent ports, or at least they've needed some critical updates for all but the most devoted Square fans.

        I've been waiting for this too, though! Never played FF Tactics, so finally picking that up.

    • jmasin

      FF6, that's the one I'm expecting.

    • Inaba-kun

      Look at what the recent Zelda on 3DS costs. That's what it takes to fund AAA development. It's a world away from the incredibly lightweight ultra low budget stuff which clogs up the app store.

      Square's apps are insanely cheap for the amount of gameplay they provide.

      • YourAverageDude

        And finally... having read to the end...I find that I agree with all sides of the issue.

  • paulf58

    People bitch about the prices but I'll take a solid $10-15 console quality app in HD over a F2P IAP ridden piece of junk.

    Hours of gameplay in these ports. If they sell for more on the DS and PSP why should they bother following the standard App Store price? Look at the sales, it's obvious people will pay for quality. No incentive to adjust

    • Paumask

      Well put, fine sir.

      • Xissoric

        The World Ends With You is probably my favorite DS game, and when that was released it was $30-40. I'd say the 10 bucks is a pretty fair price for such a great game.

    • Holcman

      If that's true, why are freemium games always at the top in the "Top Grossing Games" category? Developers get more money from freemium because people buy it, and that' sway we don't get many "expensive" AAA titles on the App Store.

  • Jake7905

    This is the sale I've been hoping for, and the sale that my wallet's been dreading.

    • ImJPaul

      Not as much as if you bought them all day one like meeee! That hurts a lot more. All great games though.

  • Mnoz

    Which one of the chaos ring games is the best ?

    • C. Stubb

      All. Of. Them.

  • jmasin

    Nice sale... Still expensive... I'm only buying one. Which one should i choose?

    • bigred447uk

      Personally I would choose Chrono-Trigger if I were in your position.

      • bigred447uk

        .... although it is not listed here but I presume that is an oversight ?

      • Alec Hansen

        Just checked, Chrono Trigger is still 9.99. Also it's iPhone only so it'll look junky on iPad.

      • Inaba-kun

        Chrono Trigger looks pretty junky on the iPhone too. Everything is zoomed in, so the top and bottom of the screen is cut off so it "fits" the wider ratio of the iPhone display. It feels very cramped.

      • benadvanced

        I heard the controls are really bad. Did they ever patch them?

      • bigred447uk

        Ok. I booted it up on 5S and yes your right it looks muddy and the controls are finicky. ... I remember this now from my last play through. The game itself is excellent. Shame it's not the best it could be on IOS.

  • chuckdoom

    Where is ff vi? Noooooo

  • Siemova

    The full version of Final Fantasy Dimensions is also an $8 in-app purchase right now.

  • NinjaKitteh

    This sale inspires me to go home, crank up my netbook, and spend some time playing Final Fantasy VI. Fan translation of course. 😉

    • TJF588

      You mean a translation patch of the GBA script, no?

      • NinjaKitteh

        I prefer Sky Render's patch applied to the SNES version of Final Fantasy VI.

  • vicsark

    So for someone who hasn't played any FF game or JRPG (yes it exists ;)) : which one should I try on iPad?

    • HansKaosu

      All of them.. start with FF1.

  • ineptidude

    Everything but The After Years. Not that I can really encourage anyone to buy it until it's updated to fix a few non-gameplay related issues.

  • bigred447uk

    Should I buy FF1 and FF2 to complete my collection ? Even though I will probably never get chance to play them ... (Already picked up SoF and Lara Croft... Already got the rest of the ports)

    • bigred447uk

      SoF = Secret of Mana .... Oops

  • benadvanced

    Do any of the Chaos Rings games support iCloud saving? Be nice to be able to switch from phone to pad.

    • themostunclean

      None of them are universal apps and in my experience this means no shared saves. Not likely you'd have it on two devices anyway since that would mean having to buy the same game twice.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    The full unlock for FF Dimensions is also on sale for $7.99.

  • chuckdoom

    FF Dimensions is on sale too

  • TJF588

    Oh, and Dimensions is on sa--
    (Too bad Demons' Score's pacts aren't further; not paying four bucks for Satan.)

    I have just enough in my account for one. Played FFIV and FFV on GBA (both imported EU copies, heh), and then FFIV on PSP. But, never touched FFIV on NDS, and I'm a sucker for cheevos and a new sheen (oh, does FFV's soundtrack have some gems...). But then, I've hardly dipped into FFT, despite having it for PSP physically and digitally. In this case, I'd get it for technical aptitude (after, what, two years of updates?) and cheevos, but outside of those it's the same game I have. So, what do?!

    (Already have but not beaten the first Chaos Rings, beat FFI & II on GBA enough, and I'd get FFIII for PSP unless they bring its improvements to the App Store. And then TWEwY isn't compatible with my iDevice...)

  • TJF588

    Oh, and Song Summoner serves to remind me of a bygone age of dial-pad gaming. Dunno how it'd feel to know it in the populated touchscreen arena.

  • WhiteHadal

    I might buy the world ends with you but I'm still not sure if I should...

    • Psac42

      Really great game. I wasn't expecting it to live up to the hype, but it did for me.

  • Codex

    For classical music fans, Symphonica chapters and composition sets are on sale too.

  • http://www.onebagtravel.com/ OneBagTravel

    I'm just waiting for FF VI

  • Bethany

    At the risk of repeating previous comments, say I was going to get *one* FF game... Not all of them. Just one. (I like JRPGs, but not THAT much.) Which one?

    I'm thinking IV or V.

    • RelientKSoCal

      I would get FFIV if I had to pick one. It's 3D as opposed to the 2D of FFV, plus personally I like the story of FFIV better than FFV.
      As for Chaos Rings, I think I would actually pick Chaos Rings Omega over Chaos Rings II. I guess I just felt the story in Omega was better, and Chaos Rings II didn't have THAT much different gameplay wise-both still play pretty similarly.

  • lsyuan

    i have not played chaos rings before which 1 should i get?
    (can only buy 1)

    • RelientKSoCal

      I actually liked Chaos Rings Omega the best.

  • curtisrshideler

    Already own all of these that I want to play, having just picked up Deus Ex. Would have loved to pay full price for FFVI this Xmas. Also, might have picked up FFIVTAY if they would have put it on sale.

  • WildWolf21

    Quick Question: Do I need to play Chaos Rings 1 and Omega in order to get Chaos Rings 2, or can I just jump straight into 2 without knowing any of the story????

    • RelientKSoCal

      You can jump straight into Chaos Rings II. Completely new characters and plot line.

  • ihd1234567890

    It heartens me to think that SE still have some guts at least to give major discounts, as probably many people think that, but personally in my opinion, the simple RPG mechanics like these ports just don't ring with me (except Deus Ex). I want a legit original title, a title that can be ported if the devs wanted, but can stand on their own two feet. I prefer dynamic battles instead of turn-based. I'm surprised that almost no companies do co-op. Co-op has great potential if put in the right hands, and I believe SE could be one of them. If some people don't like SE's ports because it's boring and they don't want to play it, why doesn't SE make it more social? Having co-op in FF is something new and different, which can be a factor of standing by itself as a game. Deus Ex can have expansions for co-op/multiplayer, or a whole new game, like Madfinger's Shadowgun and Shadowgun: Deadzone. SE really needs to put more time into what their doing. Sure, porting FFs is cool, but we need something new now. A new title, a new mechanic in their next port, ANYTHING, and I will buy it. I haven't bought a single game by SE, but if they do something new, I will.