This week on TAS, Eli and I get deep on E3. Expect lots of conversation about feet sores, J-Town peroxide, and games from the show. We also spit some game about Back to the Future: Episode 4 and delve into some topical commentary about the casual enthusiast versus the ‘core’ crowd, App Store sales, and the 3DS e-Shop launch.

Need a hand finding the sources of the content we discuss? Look no further, son. I’ve got your back. Just below the podcast link you’ll find a convenient list for your convenience. Yeah, we like to make things easy.


iTunes Link: The TouchArcade Show
Direct Link: TouchArcadeShow-003.mp3


Back To The Future: Episode 4
FIFA 2011
Draw Race 2
Pocket Heroes
Game Studio
Shadow Gun

The Gameloft Games, including March of Heroes


OnLive For the iPad
Infinity Blade Makes Earns 10 Million
Sword And Sworcery Makes Some Cash, Too
Street Fighter 4: Volt
The Nintendo 3DS e-Shop launches, UI doesn't measure up

SPECIAL NOTE: Next week The Bearded One, Jared Nelson, will join us once again and we'll talk heavily about his trip to WWDC. Lots of cool stuff was shown there, so we'll definitely dig into it. Also, keep sending those questions to, or even better, send your voicemails to the following number: +1-951-922-5582 or 951-9-CALL-TA.

Keep being awesome, guys, and we'll yap at you next week.

  • Doug Davies

    Still haven't listened to episode 2 and now 3. May want to check your iTunes links.

  • P Allen

    Same here Episode 2 hasn't shown up in my itunes yet nevermind 3. If it helps any I'm in the UK and same situation with instacast.

  • P Allen

    Same here Episode 2 hasn't shown up in my itunes yet nevermind 3. If it helps any I'm in the UK and same situation with instacast.

  • Kara

    Yeah the the itunes podcast is not updating.

  • PodMaster

    Last week I listened to it straight away and other people had delays. But this time it hasn't hit our itunes yet. Hope it arrives soon.  

    • PodMaster

      Still not in iTunes. Resorting to downloading the MP3 directly. Is this problem occurring for other podcasts too, or just TouchArcade?

  • Pr1m8

    yeah i havent got 2 or 3 in my itunes. there wasnt a link for 2 last time  but ive changed the 2 to a 3 in the link above and you can get it that way

  • Joel Hirtle

    same for me, link doesn't work. When touch arcade is looked up in itunes I only get episode one plus the old show not two or three

  • JCman7

    Love the podcast guys this one was good but would of been even better with Jared

    • Eli Hodapp

      Everything is better with Jared.

  • Il Duce

    "I have a cat that like, was three, and he was like… ok" 

  • Chris Capasso

    Love the podcast but, yeah, the Itunes issue where it doesn't show up sucks. It would be easy enough to just download the .mp3 file but then it wouldn't save your place and it would be in a different spot as all my other podcasts 🙁

  • Jorgep15

    It is FIFA 2012 not 2011

  • Chaos_envoys

    no podcast about DRAGONSTRYFE???

  • George

    Yep, episode three hasn't shown up for me on iTunes.  Pretty good, but doesn't feel as comical without Jared.  I think it has to be a combo of Eli and Jared to balance out how energetic Brad is.

  • Happy W

    Are episodes 2 and 3 appearing in iTunes for anyone?