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E3 2011: ‘Shadow Gun’ Actually Running on an iPad

We’ve posted about Shadow Gun a few times now, but really haven’t gotten much confirmation that the game will actually look (and perform) like it does in the trailer footage. Heck, being skeptical about such things is entirely reasonable too, as it seems like over the course of video game history more than a few developers have released trailers that are either pre-rendered or captured running on hardware that far exceeds the target platform. And really, I suppose as a game developer the greatest compliment you can get is producing something that is so good that people don’t think it’s real.

Well, I can assure you all that Shadow Gun is real, and the footage that has been shown so far really does reflect how the game looks and plays. Sure, it doesn’t seem like there’s much gameplay yet aside from a basic third person shooter, but this seems like an awesome starting point.

Here’s the game running on an iPad 2, I do some zooming in on the character model so you can see the lighting:

Pretty crazy, right? If you’re wondering what’s going on behind the scenes, Unity just released the following video that reveals it’s not witchcraft, wizardry, or other forms of sorcery… It’s actually really clever way to handle character models and lighting. Give it a look:

I’m really looking forward to Shadow Gun, I just hope that Madfinger Games builds an awesome game around these graphics. I’m worried that it could potentially turn into another Samurai II, which as mentioned in our review looked incredible but was somewhat lacking in the gameplay department… So let’s cross our collective fingers that this isn’t the case here.