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E3 2011: Chillingo Hands-On – ‘Roll in the Hole’, ‘Blobster’, ‘DrawRace 2’, and ‘Contre Jour’

Of all the outfits at E3 showing iOS related stuff, Chillingo by far had the best overall lineup. All four of these games look great, and I really can’t wait to give ’em all a try. They really know how to pick the games they’re going to promote now, and while I’m not entirely sure any of these will be the next Angry Birds, they might be the next Feed Me Oil.

Roll in the Hole – The title of the game basically tells it all, and the rest is explained by watching the video. It’s a super casual puzzle game that customers on the App Store have basically voted with their wallets in telling Chillingo “We want more of this, please."

Blobster – This is a really interesting game that I’m not sure if I’d totally describe as a platformer, but it does have some definite platforming sort of elements to it. You control your dude with a slick little slingshot mechanic, which really seems like a much better control solution than the typical array of virtual controls and buttons.

DrawRace 2 – I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited for this game. I liked the original a lot, and the sequel adds cool 3D traffics, more tracks, and tons more goodies.

Contre Jour – Similar to Blobster, I’m not really sure the best genre to categorize this game, but the art style if sick. I’m totally loving the look and feel of this one.