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E3 2011: Gameloft Hands-On Video Extravaganza

I heard you guys like gameplay videos. Well here are a ton. Gameloft had a ridiculous amount of games to show off at E3, and all of these games are scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2011. Of course no pricing was discussed (except for Let’s Golf 3 which will be free) but we can likely assume these games will all be priced in line with Gameloft’s fairly predictable pricing schemes.

March of Heroes – Gameloft’s first Unreal Engine 3 game is a first person shooter that basically plays like all of their other first person shooters with a bit more eye candy thanks to the new and improved engine. Oddly enough, the engine switch alone doesn’t make the game look that much better. Polygon counts seem low, and almost out of place compared to the nice shadows generated by the game engine.

Some levels are environmental-focused, check out this underwater portion:

BackStab – I’m not exactly sure what to think of this. It seems like Pirates of the Caribbean meets Assassin’s Creed, which could be a very good thing if you like both franchises and would love to see them mushed together in to one game.

9mm – This linear adventure game is highly inspired by Max Payne, complete with an over-the-top bullet time mechanic. Unfortunately, the color palette of the game is rather dark so the quality of the hands-on video isn’t the greatest.

Let’s Golf 3 – I’ve had a great time with all the Let’s Golf games, and I expect the third installment to be no different. This time around, Gameloft will be dabbling in the free to play world. Hopefully we don’t hit a pay wall too early.

Block Breaker 3 Unlimited – A crazy block breaking game with power-ups, multiple areas for blocks to be broken on each level, and channels you can shoot your ball into to transfer between them. This was a lot of fun.

Silent Ops – Gameloft seems to be re-using a lot of its Splinter Cell gameplay with this pseudo-sequel. The game has a very similar look and feel to it, including the fairly dark color palette that my camera didn’t capture so well under the E3 lighting.