Today is the eve of the final Thursday in December before the pre-holiday iTunes Connect freeze. Starting on December 23rd and running until the 28th, developers won't be able to release new games or updates, or change any of the prices of their games. Last year the top sales charts also got frozen, and no one knows if that's going to be the case again this year or not. What we're seeing now is the mad rush to get everyone's games released before the freeze. If you were looking forward to a game with a holiday release date that isn't in this list, it's still possible that it will get released, but it's looking more and more unlikely as we get closer to the 23rd.

All of these games should now be available worldwide. Get mashin' that buy now button-

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - The highly anticipated collaboration between Crescent Moon Games and Galoobeth Games is almost upon us. We were impressed with the depth of the game in our preview last week, and the excitement for Aralon couldn't possibly be higher in its massive thread in our upcoming games forum.

Real Racing 2, $9.99 - [Forum Thread] - Last week Firemint revealed the full details on just what to expect in Real Racing 2. A career mode, licensed cars, and tons of track are all some of the goodies that we're going to be in store for. Oh, yeah, and there's also 16 player online multiplayer that basically rewrites what to expect of iPhone online multiplayer gaming.

World of Goo for iPad, $9.99 - [Forum Thread] - As mentioned in our recent review, World of Goo on the iPad is simply incredible. It was a remarkable game before it hit the App Store, winning buckets full of awards and scoring many 10/10 reviews... and the touch interface only serves to make the game even better. I've been unable to put this game down since we scored our preview copy. If you have an iPad, you need this game.

Dungeon Defenders: First Wave, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - This is the second game available on the App Store that utilizes Unreal Engine 3, but the graphics aren't what's impressive about Dungeon Defenders. What's truly awesome about it is the Game Center-powered multiplayer that allows four players to play together in a cooperative mix of tower defense-like gameplay mixed with an action RPG. It's even universal.

N.O.V.A. 2 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - Gameloft is back again with a second installment in the N.O.V.A. series. This one will have you battling through 12 chapters in the singleplayer campaign, which I have a feeling will take a back seat to the 10 player online multiplayer. 10 maps are included for online play with 5 different game modes which include standard and team based deathmatch, capture the flag, freeze tag, and instagib.

Geared 2, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - We loved the original Geared, and its sequel seems better in every way. Gameplay amounts to figuring out how to place gears to make the target gears spin, and unlike other gear-based games there isn't any kind of grid for the gears to lock on to, allowing you to place them wherever you like. Oh, and to make things better, it's launching at a buck and is universal.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2, 99¢ - 15 missions are included as well as 4 player online multiplayer. In comparison to other games being released today, that doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it's a game from a popular franchise that's also launching at 99¢-- A price I'm not sure many expected.

Shadow Guardian, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - Gameloft's take on the Uncharted series. Gameplay involves lots of running, gunning, jumping, climbing, and of course, treasure hunting.

Hook Worlds, 99¢ - [Forum Thread] - Evolving the Hook Champ and Super QuickHook world even further is Hook Worlds, a swinging game that Rocketcat Games is calling four games in one. Four game worlds are included, and while they all rely on swinging of some sort, each world looks and plays different thanks to four different characters with their own abilities.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - An incredibly unexpected release by Square Enix, especially as I (and I doubt I'm alone on this) were expecting their next games to be their classic ports of RPG's they've been talking about forever now. Sadly, the port leaves much to be desired as mentioned in our first impressions post. Definitely wait for an update to fix critical issues before buying.

Altered Beast, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - My mother would literally murder me if she had any idea just how many quarters I pumped in to the local Altered Beast machine. I'm surprised it took Sega this long to release this game, as in my eyes it's just as classic as Sonic. Either way, it comes loaded with their new bluetooth multiplayer compatibility for two player beasting.

Broken Sword - The Smoking Mirror: Remastered, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - The continuation of the Broken Sword series, in a universal app. We loved the first installment, and are expecting great things from its sequel.

The Game of Life for iPad, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - While The Game of Life is nowhere close to as near and dear to my heart as Monopoly is, I love board games on the iPad. This version has a few exclusive features such as being able to view the whole board and local multiplayer with up to 6 players at once. I'm still waiting for my iPad version of Mouse Trap!

Pix'n Love Rush DX, $3.99 - [Forum Thread] - I still can't get enough of the original Pix'n Love Rush for the iPhone, and the iPad version seems to be dripping with even more high scoring retro charm.

ZombieSmash HD, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - We thought the original was great in our review, and from the looks of it, the iPad version provides even more zombie punishing action. The HD version adds multitouch controls for even more zombie mayhem.

Pocket God: Journey To Uranus, $4.99 - [Forum Thread] - This not-so pocketable version of Pocket God comes with an awesome new space interface, two new minigames, and other fun things. And of course, Bolt Creative is promising tons of updates.

Space Miner HD, $2.99 - [Forum Thread] - We absolutely adored the original Space Miner in our review, and while it would be cool if the game was universal, this is one HD we don't mind re-buying.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, $6.99 - [Forum Thread] - Mortal Kombat with Retina Display graphics? Street Fighter proved that a fighter could work well on the iPhone, and hopefully Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 continues that tradition.

  • ImNoSuperMan

    BFBC 2, Real Racing 2, World of Goo, Geared 2 are mine 😀

    Will be getting lara croft HD if impressions are good enough. N.O.V.A. 2 is really tempting but I want the iPad version instead. Guess I'll have to wait for that one :/

    • fletch11

      still being a hypocrite i see.

      you poor 4 year old kid.

      • Johno

        What is your problem?

      • SiDCrAzY

        You're a sad, sad little man fletch. I really feel sorry for you.

  • Anonymous

    Pirates vs Ninjas vs Zombies vs Pandas HD, wohoo 🙂

  • Zach Williams

    Good news is that unlike last week I don't have any finals before me so I can game to my little hearts content. What a great slate of releases. I'm surprised like I'm sure everyone is that BBC2 is only $.99. At that price it's definitely worth a look.

  • Zach Williams

    Good news is that unlike last week I don't have any finals before me so I can game to my little hearts content. What a great slate of releases. I'm surprised like I'm sure everyone is that BBC2 is only $.99. At that price it's definitely worth a look.

  • Zach Williams

    Good news is that unlike last week I don't have any finals before me so I can game to my little hearts content. What a great slate of releases. I'm surprised like I'm sure everyone is that BBC2 is only $.99. At that price it's definitely worth a look.

  • Attila

    Don't forget iRequiem is coming too! 🙂


    I so want real racing 2!!!! But the iPad one. I don't like racing on the iPod.
    World of goo looks good.
    Dungeon what ever looks okay I suppose I'll check it out.
    Bad company $1 I'm getting it. Still think I'm going to be disapointent. Bug I'll see.
    Aralon don't know much about it but I'm getting it sounds great.
    Nova well I think people are going to hate me for this but I don't like it. I think nova is way overrated. Nova 2 looks good and I think it will be one of my favorites but will see.
    Infinity blade I love it I can't wait for the update. I mean booster pack 😉
    I think this week is even better then last week. Last week the only game I liked was infinity blade. I mean I wanted that game since I first saw it. Dungeon hunter I thought it would be good but nah it's not my game. This week most games I don't know but look great. Game center id: ENDWARO7 add me I like to have people that don't hack and crap. The leader boards are hacked on infinity blade sadly 🙁

  • John Dickerson

    So many games, so little time

  • Awesome

    First when i sood nova 2 on appstore i was happy. When i sood bc2 it was happy. When i sood BC2s download size (200 megs) i was happy. When i sood NOVA 2s size (717 megs of download size) then i thought:
    `This is madness. My 32gb ipod touch will be junked up`

  • Karnak Games

    That's a lot of games.... and money.

    I'll only be getting Aralon and Shadow Guardian this time, otherwise I won't work anymore. Oh wait Aralon will already kill my productivity 🙁

    • Mr.Big

      HAhahaha you don't have 50 or 70 bucks, or 7! just for Aralon? What is your job? Homeless? Come to my house tonight and I will give you some coins hahaha Thanks to God you live in a first world country!

      • Galactus

        Such a moron. I've seen that many times here, people making jokes about others not having the money to buy apps.... and sometimes it's a 45 old guy talking to a teenager...sig.

      • Anto21

        You stupid idiot, he said "that's a lot of games... and money" referring to all the listed games...
        The total of which comes close to $87.
        Which, for some App Store games, is a lot of money.
        Do the Maths, remtard.

      • Mr.Big

        Ok, $87, you don't have 100 bucks? I think instead of playing games you have to be worry looking for a job (maybe math teacher?). How can you afford an Ipad or Iphone if you don't have 100 bucks?.. just asking, master of maths.

  • tsharpfilm

    Was only going to get Aralon and/or Real Racing 2 today, but Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light looks kind of nice too!

  • Anonymous

    Guardian of Light has been out for a few months now on XBLA and PSN - so your piqued interest can be fulfilled by googling it and reading a few reviews 😀 - it looks like a straight graphically downgraded port.

  • Pahncrd

    I want to weep with joy at the constant deluge of great iOS gaming we have been experiencing.

  • Pawel Grx

    Any of these will work on an first generation iPod Touch?

  • mrmyco

    YES my life is complete... Too bad I have two finals tomorow 🙁

  • Capone

    This is just ridiculous. Why, oh why, can't the developers stop releasing so much great games?! They're ruining us, can't they see that?! Hell, I don't even have a hand free to spend money anymore, as I use my left hand to play on my iPhone and the right hand to play on my iPod Touch... 😛

  • André Reis

    Really liked NOVA, but it is complicated to "support" GameLoft with this atitude, releasing different versions of the same game, and charging more for it. Even tough NOVA is the best game on iOS for me, i wont buy the iPhone version foi 7 dollars, when i can buy Dungeon Defenders for 3, Infinity Blade for 6, or Aralon for 7, and all of them are universal apps.

  • chris

    Altered Beast - i too paid for someones exotic sports car how many damn .25 i put into it. heh. street fighter, altered beast and marble madness where what the local 711 had, o yeah gauntlet too. the hook world looks fun. ill give it a try too. nova, ill wait till i find out if they fixed the online cheating.. i s top playing nova when that came to be.. and just have not checked to see if they ever fixed it.


  • Mzeb75

    Wish it came out today. But yeah a automatic buy!

  • Mzeb75

    Wow. Well I'll be getting most of these. Good thing it's a payday. Can't wait till late night.

  • Falsoman

    I bought Lara Croft for PC on the black friday steam sale at about the same price is gonna be selling for iOS. It's a great game. Hopefully the controls are good enough.

    And I'm so buying BFBC2. And probably a lot of the ones listed, but only once i finish some games and delete them from the phone.

  • fletch11

    It is such a shame that a hypocrite like ImNoSuperman posted all the new games on the forums

  • Zach Williams

    Is Eli finally done with this list?

  • Anonymous


  • Rich Lam the Chinaman

    I'm buying all of these games tonight. One great night for my credit card.

  • Christo Deluxe

    Lara Croft was a great game on XBLA, but it needs tight controls to work well -- on Xbox needed both sticks and a few buttons to play. Also, the game was best played with 2-player local co-op (or later with online co-op) -- you can't tell from the App Store listing how (or if) the co-op is implemented.

  • Hanerlend

    No Real Racing 2 for iPad? *Sigh*

    • Antony Thai


  • Deamon34

    Jebus, that's a ton of games!!!!! All of these releases means were due for a lull come January, lasting till spring. Guess I'll load up for winter.

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Aralon characters look like fish people?

  • andrzej raczynski

    geared is the only no brainer for me.
    dungeon defenders probably as well.
    aralon i'll probably break down and buy within a few days if i read on the forums everyone's popping wood over actual gameplay.
    zombiesmash HD, maybe.

  • Claude

    new zealand ftw.

  • Zach Williams

    YES! IT'S FINALLY 11:00!!!

  • NeoTrunks

    The iTunes store is getting slammed 🙁

  • Antony Thai

    crazy holiday of mine! :D:D:D