Mobile developer Gamevil is running notable sales on six of their titles, to remain discounted until Cyber Monday, November 29th.

ZENONIA® 2, $0.99 [ review ] While Zenonia is a stand-out iPhone action RPG, its sequel Zenonia 2 surpasses it mightily and is one of the absolute best RPGs in the App Store. Zenonia 2's story is set in the same universe as its forerunner, but with various enhancements and an overall better "feel." It's one not to be missed by any RPG fan. (Was $4.99)

ZENONIA®, $0.99 [ review ] One of the most highly anticipated iPhone games at the time of its release, Zenonia is a sprawling title that delivers over 40 hours of 16-bit era action RPG gameplay. The game offers incredible depth and real replay value as the game can be played under both a good and an evil alignment system. (Was $2.99)

HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia, $0.99 [ trailer ] Featuring the same hack-and-slash gameplay that readers enjoyed from the original, action / adventire / RPG Hybrid 2 continues the story with revamped graphics and new environments to battle through. (Was $4.99)

HYBRID: Eternal Whisper, $0.99 [ review ] Hybrid, as it's name might foretell, offers gameplay through a hybrid of three game genres -- action, adventure and RPG. With a side-scrolling presentation, you control Grey, a youth with a mysterious history set on defending his land and avenging his brother. It's D-pad for movement, buttons for attack, with special skills and attacks introduced as gameplay progresses. The game features 70 battles, 10 hidden stages, and an endless mode. (Was $2.99)

Baseball Superstars® 2010 HD Lite, Free [ review of iPhone ver ] The sequel to what was, at the time of its release, the best selling iPhone baseball game around, Baseball Superstars 2010 HD for the iPad is a full-featured game with multiple game modes ranging from simple exhibition games to full seasons or homerun derbies. What sets the game apart from the pack are the RPG elements that allow you to create your own pitcher or batter and build their statistics in "My League" mode. (Was $4.99)

Soccer Superstars®, $0.99 [ quick look ] Featuring classic sprite-based graphics reminiscent of the SNES days along with RPG-style game progression, we found Soccer Superstars to be a highly addictive sports title with an unusual degree of depth. (Was $2.99)

  • Tony Piecz

    Baseball Superstars HD Free is the free version that already existed, it looks as if the sale is for the full version and it is 2.99. Just Sayin'

  • Zsoi


  • Bystander

    The response in this thread is thunderous.

  • Fstim82

    I was interested until I realized there weren't iPad versions.

  • Hahahauu

    The reason its so quiet here is that these games are too old for a price drop to really mean anything.