Gamevil’s ‘Soccer Superstars’ Now Available Worldwide

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Gamevil’s Soccer Superstars [$4.99] recently hit the App Store, bringing the same classic sprite based graphics, gameplay that will take you back to the Super Nintendo days, and RPG style progression of super players that will have you saying “just one more game" long after you should have stopped playing. Much like Baseball Superstars 2010 [$4.99 / Free], this extra layer of depth provided by the RPG elements inside the game somehow manage to make the Superstars games incredibly appealing even to those of us who don’t normally get that involved in sports games.

So far reactions in our forums have been positive, with some people having issues with the controls. In Soccer Superstars, the movement of your player is controlled using an analog stick of sorts, but to keep you from constantly needing to keep your left thumb on the screen your player will just keep running in whatever direction you touched last. It seems like once you wrap your head around this somewhat unconventional control scheme, Soccer Superstars is just as much fun as Baseball Superstars, a personal favorite of mine.

We’re going to be taking a closer look at this game in the near future, but in the meantime, Soccer Superstars is a safe purchase for anyone who likes arcade style soccer games and/or endlessly filling experience and stat bars to advance a roster of characters.

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