Yesterday we made a post listing several titles that have gone on sale for a limited time. We wanted to pass along a heads-up on a few more sales and price drops for titles we think readers may enjoy.

Soosiz, $0.99 Ahh, Soosiz. [ review ] Touch Foo's rotational 2D platformer is one of our very favorite iPhone games, and is one of the first titles to which we gave a five-star rating. Soosiz is a stylized cartoonish platformer that challenges your brain to keep up with all of its twists, turns, and inversions. It's incredibly well executed with excellent controls, has a ton of content and is a lot of fun. And it's free this weekend (regularly $1.99). There's no excuse for missing this one.

Need For Speed™ Undercover, $2.99 [ review ] Electronic Arts' Need for Speed Undercover (down from $4.99 for a limited time) is the studio's first iPhone release in their long-running racer series. It's a mission-based racer (as opposed to the "'round the track" variety) that puts you in the role of an undercover wheel man infiltrating a series of street racer / chop-shop gangs to try and bust an auto theft ring wide open. It's a very well-done title that, at the time of its release, was perhaps the most visually impressive game on the platform.

ROCK BAND, $4.99 [ review ] EA's Rock Band, which recently hit the 2000 downloadable song mark, is one of the most immersive rhythm games in the App Store. The game sets you behind a guitar, bass, or drum kit, or lets you take the lead vocals in playing through any of the myriad songs available through its in-game song store. The game features 32 free songs and offers Facebook integration to help jam with your friends. Rock Band is, for a limited time, down from $6.99.

Rogue Touch, $2.99 [ review ] ChronoSoft's Rogue Touch (normally $2.99) is an iPhone adaptation of Rogue, the classic dungeon crawler that dates back to 1980. It's highly faithful to the feel and mechanics of the well-loved early platform releases, but has expanded the game nicely. It's my personal favorite iPhone dungeon crawler and is one of our long-time favorites here at Touch Arcade.

Worms HD, $1.99 [ review (iPhone ver) ] First there was Worms for the iPhone [ link ], then came Worms HD for the iPad. Well, actually, first there was the Worms for the Amiga, which Team 17 released back in 1995. Whichever way you look at it, it's classic turn-based artillery action in the Scorched Earth vein. And the iPad version has been reduced in price, from $4.99.

2XL TROPHYLITE Rally, $4.99 [ post ] 2XL Games' 2XL TROPHYLITE Rally (down from $4.99) is a highly impressive looking desert rally racer featuring 15 different races, WiFi and Bluetooth multiplayer, multiple vehicle views, five control schemes, and leaderboards. The iPad version has also been reduced in price ( $7.99 down to $.99 ).

Enigmo, $1.99 Pangea is running a sale on all of its multiplayer titles, physics puzzler Enigmo (down from $2.99) being one of the three games affected. Starting its life as a Mac game, Enigmo is a physics puzzle game that was voted Best iPhone Game at WWDC in 2008. In the game you move various objects around the game board to direct water droplets to their destination. Levels start easy and get so hard you will be desperately searching Google for the solution.

Nanosaur 2, $3.99 Another Pangea multiplayer title on sale is Nanosaur 2 (down from $2.99). Also starting as a Mac game, Nanosaur 2 was ported to the iPhone in late 2008. It hasn't aged very well compared to Pangea's other games, but the premise of piloting a massive dinosaur from the future who is equipped with a massive arsenal of weaponry couldn't get much more ridiculous and/or awesome.

Cro-Mag Rally, $1.99 [ review ] One of the early iPhone cart racers, Pangea's Cro-Mag Rally (down from $2.99) won the 2008 Best App Ever Award for Best Racing Game. Cro-Mag Rally puts you behind the wheel of a caveman's cart in a bid to cross the finish line first through nine different race tracks, using 11 different vehicles with nine types of power-ups there to help you. The multiplayer system was recently entirely rewritten to ease the auto-matching game process.

  • Tkun

    I highly recommend Soosiz. I bought that game not long after it was released and really enjoy it. It's definitely the best platformer for the iDevices. And really, since it's free, even if you don't have the memory on your device just download it to your computer. There's really no reason not to get this amazing game.

  • Anonymous

    These are all great games with great prices. It's always good to see a quality game go on sale because it seems that most of the games on the app store are littered with rushed Game & Watch gallery style games.

  • Plummer

    Got Soosiz - thanks for the heads up! If only the gravity worked like in Super Mario Galaxy! Great nonetheless!

    Btw, Wooden Labyrinth 3D is also on sale at $0.99 (from $2.99).

  • fromtheyear

    Rock Band is totally worth $5, btw the console version reached 2000 songs, not the iPhone version.

    • Garbagecanman78

      there are only 17 two-song packs available for the iPhone version, this needs to be clarified in the article...

  • Capone

    Soosiz is really well done. When it comes to platformers, it's best not to get ports like Earthworm Jim, but rather exclusive titles like this one. I like it to see the main character walking around with all earned medals on the main screen. Small things like that make you believe that the developers really cared. Hope they made enough money with Soosiz.

  • Patapicha

    I completely agree with Capone. Soosiz is one of the best games and the developers certainly deserve some money.

  • Bflatt

    Note: Bit.Trip Beat is now 0.99 for this weekend only
    Anyone recommend the game?

    • Robotron2084

      Watch some videos of it on youtube. I did and was not impressed. Not even for 99 cents. Too many more interesting games for 99 cents IMO.

  • Kris Butler

    i'm spending far too much on the app store at the moment...

    i grabbed soldierx (not a bad dual stick shooter for $1.19AU), worms HD (yet to play it), bit.trip beat (not too bad, theres an in game purchase to get more out of it though and its also only $1.19AU at the moment), osmos for ipad and a whole heap from that big sale thing that happened.... arrrggh! too many games lol

  • Zulu

    Rock Band rox! 4,99 is not much for such a great game. Since I know some mobile games developers myself and the time they invest in building some cool widely used apps ... this is a minimum. Developers deserve their money.

  • Robotron2084

    Sooziz is amazing, and I don't regret paying for it. Everyone should have it now!

  • Rob

    And a quick head sup for the folks who dont know about this site, enjoy.

  • Ed

    Hi guys Moverama has also dropped down the prize from 3$ to just 0.99$ with the new update. Try it out with lite version, or go directly for full:)

    Have fun!