Price Drop Alert – Two Free Games and a Number of Great Sales

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As is commonplace on the App Store, several notable titles have either seen a significant sale or dropped down to free for a limited time. There are always sales going on for a ton of different games at any given time, but here are some of the more interesting titles, including an iPad game that is currently 90% off the original price. As with all price changes in the App Store, they can change at any time so it’s best to grab what interests you as soon as possible.

Rat On A Scooter XL, $0.99 In celebration of their new game Urban Ninja [99¢], Donut Games has dropped the price of Rat On A Scooter XL to free for a limited time. Rat On A Scooter XL is a spinoff game featuring the main character of Rat On The Run [99¢] as he rides his scooter through randomly generated levels collecting cheese, powerups, and performing stunts. As one of the earlier “endless runner” style games, Rat On A Scooter XL still hold up all these months later, and is certainly worth a download while temporarily free.

Banzai Rabbit, Free The modernized homage to the classic arcade game Frogger, we really liked Banzai Rabbit in our review when it first came out, but found the game to be overly difficult. Developer Revolutionary Concepts heard the painful cries of their players, and promptly released an update to Banzai Rabbit making it much more forgiving and thus much more enjoyable. Now in celebration of their recently released UFO on Tape [99¢] and in part with a FAAD promotion, they have dropped Banzai Rabbit down to free for a limited time. If you enjoy great arcade gameplay with 3D Retina Display graphics, definitely take a look at Banzai Rabbit during this free promotion.

Osmos for iPad, $3.99 One of the most highly regarded indie games of the past year, Osmos is both a relaxing and challenging artistic game that feels even more at home on a touch screen than it originally did on the PC. We really enjoyed both the iPad version and the iPhone version in our reviews, and when the iPhone version recently went on sale for 99¢ we highly recommended everyone take advantage of such a great sale. Well, Osmos for iPhone is still on sale for 99¢ [Link], but now it’s older brother Osmos for iPad is getting its very own sale for just $1.99. You really can’t go wrong with either version at these prices, and this is one sale that shouldn’t be missed.

Return to Mysterious Island - Deluxe Edition, $3.99 The adventure game sequel to Jules Verne’s novel The Mysterious Island, Return to Mysterious Island was released for PC several years ago and an iPhone adaptation [Link] was released in May of last year to positive reviews. Last month a deluxe iPad version of Return to Mysterious Island debuted for $9.99, and as of just moments ago the game has received a drastic price reduction down to 99¢. The iPad version features additional bonus content as well as an enhanced user interface that takes advantage of the larger screen. If you are a fan of the classic-style point-and-click adventure games popularized in the 90s, pick up Return to Mysterious Island – Deluxe Edition during this one day sale.

As always, you can keep track of all activity in the App Store, including price changes and updates, using or the universal AppShopper app for iOS devices [Link].

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