Recent Releases – 2XL TROPHYLITE Rally, SuperBlox, Pac Match Party

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As we’ve had our time spent in meetings and activities this week at WWDC, several notable games have been released that have been getting some positive feedback in our forums. Here’s a roundup of a few of them and links to their discussion threads.


The latest racing game from 2XL games, this time they’ve applied their skill to a rally racing game. See our discussion rhread for impressions.


A game we first saw some time ago as a preview but finally came out last week. Superblox has been generating positive impressions on our forums.

Pac Match Party

A Pac-Man Match 3? Crazy, I know. Even crazier? People seem to be liking it. A Flash version remains available for web play.

  • PAC-Match Party

    “Bottom line: if you like puzzle games and Pac-Man, this is pretty much your Holy Grail. It’ll be two of the best do…
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    Experience a brand new rally racing game from 2XL, “2XL TROPHYLITE Rally”. Once again raising the graphics quality …
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  • Superblox : Power Unleashed!

    ★★★★★ Appsmile - BEST OF 2010
    Pros: Extremely fun, Great graphics, Multiple game modes, Outstanding contro…
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