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Arnold Rauers
Card Crawl is a solitaire-style dungeon crawler game played with a modified deck of standard cards. Pocket Tactics – Ca…
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Card Crawl is a solitaire-style dungeon crawler game played with a modified deck of standard cards. Pocket Tactics – Card game of the year 2015 Pocket Tactics – Reader’s choice game of the year 2015 Pocket Tactics – Editor’s choice game of the year 2015 German Games Award – Nominee for best game design 2016 Clear the dungeon of 54 cards by using item-cards, slaying monsters and managing your limited inventory. On each run, you can use five ability-cards (mini deck building) to gain unique skills. By collecting gold, you can unlock 35 more ability-cards to access new tactics and even higher scores. Card Crawl’s four single-player game modes are enhanced by Game Center to let players compare their scores and the associated decks. A typical game lasts two or three minutes and is a perfect “one more game” experience while waiting in line or commuting. FEATURES • Solitaire-style gameplay • Four game modes (normal, constructed, daily & delve) • Dungeon deck editor for building and sharing custom dungeon decks • 35 unlockable ability-cards • Mini deck building • Game Center integration – To compare high scores and decks – To challenge your friends – To access tricky new achievements • Two to three minutes of playtime per game ACCOLADES "A brilliant distillation of the dungeon crawler, Card Crawl is well worth a look." — Pocketgamer "Card Crawl is an enjoyable, casual card game that feels a touch like Diablo-Meets-Solitaire." — 148Apps "There’s something about a solitaire card game that really does it for me, and Card Crawl is one of the best I’ve played." — Pockettactics "It's got great art, gameplay with cards that isn't like other card-based dungeon crawlers and is perfect for sitting back and relaxing while playing it." — Toucharcade "Taken purely as a variation on Solitaire, Card Crawl is clever as heck, with a standout style and simple yet rewarding gameplay." — JayIsGames "It’s a unique and interesting hybrid that plays out very well. If you love dungeon crawlers and card games like Hearthstone, then this is a no-brainer." — AppAdvice "The most intriguing thing about Card Crawl is its simplicity." — MACNN "Card Crawl is an impressively solid card game that borrows what works from other games and spins it into its own, unique, game." — Gamezebo "Card Crawl is really creative and unique game, in which strategy and luck is equally needed." — iPlayApps "Card Crawl is a very polished card game with a high addiction factor." — AppGemeinde "Card Crawl is easily suited for anybody who loves casual short game." - ModernJamming Learn More about Tinytouchtales & Card Crawl at
Seller:Arnold Rauers
Genre:Card, Role Playing
Release:Mar 12, 2015
Updated:Mar 13, 2024
Size:163.4 MB
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