‘Adventures of Mana’, ‘Space Marshals 2’, ‘Card Crawl’, ‘The Bug Butcher’ and More in Today’s Sales Round-Up

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’Tis the season for savings, especially for mobile gamers. As it goes every year, there are tons of sales happening right now in the App Store. So many, in fact, that it’s getting to be impractical to do individual posts for games or even entire publishers. Therefore, until the tide subsides somewhat, I’m just going to do round-up posts that collect a bunch of new sales on games for each day. You’ll have to forgive me if they lack the detail of my usual posts or completely recycle the introduction, but one can only do so much at a time. Anyway, enough about that. On to today’s sales highlights!

Square Enix

Nomad Games

Bossa Studios


Wowza, that’s a treasure pile and a half. There’s probably more to come, friends, so make sure you’re doing dutiful digging under the seats at your local cinema for spare change. You’re going to need every spare cent this year and then some, by the looks of it.

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