How to Play ‘Minecraft PE’ Badly: Hunger Games on

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Whenever we ask what games we should do video of, there’s always a chorus of people who always say Minecraft Pocket Edition ($6.99). I’ve got no idea why, as recording video of us playing Minecraft is a sure-fire way to make me and Jared look really stupid. So, whatever, we’ll embrace it. We’re kicking off a video series not just on how to play Minecraft PE, but how to play Minecraft PE badly. There’s an endless array of servers out there for us to join, with an even more diverse range of mods running on them. We’re going to hop around like the TV show Sliders.

Today we’re exploring the “Hunger Games" mod. We’re still not really sure what you do in this, but it involves Jared barely being able to figure out how to register on a server, punching NPC’s, making a dirt wall to make a hidey hole in a cave, then just getting teleported and instantly slain by some dude with a sword. I don’t even know.

I’ve got no idea where we’ll go next, but probably somewhere a little less menacing. If you’ve got a favorite Minecraft PE server you want us to check out, give us a shout. If you want to connect to this server we played on in the video, its address is with the default port of 19132.

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