‘Card Crawl’ Gets New Dungeon Decks and Sale Next Week

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The fun card game-meets-dungeon crawler Card Crawl (Free) has already gotten one big content update this year, but it’s due for another one before the year is out. The big addition is a new Deck Merchant, who brings new Dungeon Decks to play with, mixing up the existing way you play by giving you new and unexpected challenges with new enemy and item mixtures as you make it through the dungeons. You’ll also be able to build your own dungeon decks through the Dungeon Builder, and share them online with other people, which sounds pretty cool, and promises to raise the replayability up a few notches.

Along with the Deck Merchant, the game’s getting 10 new ability cards, including one called Doom. Sounds rad. Plus, iCloud support for saving progress between devices is being added! The game will go on sale for $0.99 for Christmas, so if the existing price is too much, you just have to be patient and save a few bucks.

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