‘Card Crawl’ Update Brings Balance Changes, Card Updates

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We loved the card-based dungeon crawler Card Crawl [$1.99in our review, but some balance and RNG tweaks were still needed to tighten up the experience. Notably, this came in the form of repeatedly getting unplayable opening hands, where the dealer Hoernis would throw out something like two Souleaters and a level 7 Goblin at the start, and the only plausible option would be to restart. And restart.

Fortunately, developer Tinytouchtales dropped an update to improve Hoernis’ “deck-shuffling technique" to minimize the chances of that happening. It still can, the developer told me on Twitter, but “it’s very slim after the fixes." Also, you also won’t encounter multiple “four or more" monster cards in a row.

The update also brings changes to some of the card variants. The Lash ability has been changed to “attack up to three random dungeon cards for 3" as opposed to attacking all for 3. The card Swap now also works with Lash, Fortify and Leech.

I played a few rounds of Card Crawl since the update and noticed far better opening hands. Drop a comment below and let us know if you’ve noticed any improvements.

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