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Cornfox & Bros. Shows Off ‘Oceanhorn 2’ at IGDA Finland Event Hosted by Epic Games

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two and a half years since developer Cornfox & Bros. announced Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, the sequel to their massively successful 2013 Zelda-inspired adventure Oceanhorn ($6.99), but here we are folks. It has been a long and hard wait but the Cornfox team has been pretty good about occasionally providing updates on the game’s progress during that time. However, we haven’t seen much on the game since we went hands on with an early build during GDC in March of last year, so we’re always anxious to see anything new no matter how small it may be. This past week Cornfox attended an IGDA Finland event being hosted by Epic Games, and seeing as how Oceanhorn 2 is being built in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4, Cornfox brought along the latest build of the game for other developers and attendees to try out. It’s a brief video but it does show some brand new over-the-shoulder footage of the game in action.

Man, that REALLY looks a lot like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which I’m totally A-OK with. Obviously if you were familiar with the original Oceanhorn and this is the first you’re seeing of the sequel, things have changed significantly as this new entry is a full 3rd-person adventure rather than a top-down affair. From my experience playing that early build at GDC the game actually controls really well on the touchscreen considering how many actions you’re able to do. If this is the first you’re seeing of Oceanhorn 2, then you should definitely check out the previous videos released for the game – One in May of 2017 and one just before last year’s GDC. Also, Cornfox has recently revamped the Oceanhorn 2 website, and there you can sign up for a newsletter to stay up to date on everything going on with the game. Also the team shares stuff on Twitter occasionally too, like this awesome gif of the game’s hookshot-like item in action, so be sure to give them a follow. We’ll continue to keep our eye on Oceanhorn 2’s progress and hopefully a release sometime this year is in the cards.

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