‘Hearthstone’ Kicks off Curse of Hakkar Event

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To set the scene for today’s Hearthstone (Free) event, we need to go back in history in World of Warcraft, rolling the clocks back to late 2008 for an in-game event that ran leading up to the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. An in-game faction known as the Argent Dawn showed up at all the capital cities in game to fight against the scourge invasion. Crates appeared in game that when opened infected players. Ten minutes later, they turned into a zombie. The event eventually ramped up to it taking less and less time to become a zombie and the crazy part was players were able to infect other players… So no one was safe. It was gloriously disruptive, and one of my favorite things that ever happened in the game. Here’s my guild at the time taking over Orgrimmar (one of the Horde capital series):

Today, Hearthstone is hosting an event that’s kinda sorta similar. Basically, a select group of people (which I’m guessing is a few journalists and streamers) will start with the Mark of Hakkar card back, and anyone they play a complete game with will also be afflicted with the Curse of Hakkar, and be awarded the card back. Once they have the card back, everyone that they play will similarly be cursed. (Although in this light being cursed is actually a good thing.

We’ll be streaming today at spreading the curse to as many people as possible. I’m also really bad at Hearthstone, so I’ll also be giving away mostly free wins in the process. If you’re interested in snatching the card back, come on by.

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