International Mobile Gaming Awards Nominees Announced

Last Friday in Marseille, France, I got together with some dudes from Pocket Gamer, Orange, ARM, and a few other outfits to wade through the 200+ submissions to the International Mobile Gaming Awards. It was an incredible experience, and beyond cool to be waxing video games with fellow mobile gamers from all over the world.

After hours and hours of deliberation, we nominated five games in each of the six categories. Keep in mind that not all of these games are for the iPhone, and some are still in development. If you don’t see one of your favorite games in this list, chances are the developer either didn’t submit it, or my single American vote wasn’t strong enough to overcome the rest of the world.

Best Casual Game

Best Real World Game

Best Sports Game

Excellence in Design

Excellence in Game Play

Most innovative Game

From here, we meet in Barcelona, Spain in late February to discuss the nominees again and vote on the winners for each of the categories which will be announced on February 17th. The IMGA is also running a People’s Choice Award poll, which requires registration to vote in. If you feel particularly strong about any of the announced nominees, make sure you stop by their site and vote.