App Store Nears 10 Billion Downloads – $10,000 Prize For the 10 Billionth Download

Tired of trying to decide which games you can afford to buy? How does $10,000 in iTunes credit sound? As incredible as the figure is to believe, the App Store is nearing ten billion downloads. What’s even crazier is the rate that apps are downloaded, which you can see by heading over to the 10 Billionth App Countdown site. Thinking about just how many people are out there downloading apps to make it spin by so fast is mind blowing.

Winning is as easy as downloading the ten billionth app, but the rules include some interesting tidbits. Namely, you need to be over 13 and be downloading something from the App Store for the country that you are a resident of. I’m not sure how they’d handle the contest if you’re using a New Zealand account to download games early from somewhere else in the world… But wow would it suck to be disqualified.

So… Get to downloading apps! Wait, you’re doing that already? Well, I guess do it with your fingers crossed from now on?