LogoSince we missed last week, we're making up for it this week with an extra long episode of The TouchArcade Show. Jared and I start the show by talking about all the ridiculousness that's happened in the world of the 3DS since we last recorded, then move on to the hottest games and news of the week before wrapping up the show with some requisite wrestling chat.

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  • Radiation Island [$2.99]
  • Active Soccer 2 [$1.99]
  • Particle Mace [$2.99]
  • Pro Pinball [Free]
  • Touchdown Hero [Free]
  • Endless Balance [Free]


  • Rip73

    Very much enjoyed the Battery/High End graphics/immersion game discussion in the first quarter of the podcast.
    Some very interesting points brought up that I can only agree with.
    To offer a further perspective, I no longer even have a console for personal use so I just use the iPad at home for these intensive games and while it doesn't offer the console "experience" we'll say, it certainly is nice to have these types of games for when I have the time to actually get it them.
    But as Eli says, I do like to keep some battery on my phone so they certainly get played an awful lot less on that.

    But as ye say, it's very much a personal taste and personal way of using things.
    It certainly must offer up a lot of challenges to developers when trying to balance power consumption over visual fidelity.

    Interesting discussion in there though, thanks for that.

  • Eseres

    Radiation Island is a great game! Been looking for something like this even on consols, and to see and play it on iPad is amazing. Graphics are great, gameplay is super and my impressions overall is just amazing. I tried something like this game on iPad a few weeks ago, and that was nothing compared to this. Can't remember the name, but that one sucked in comparison to this. I've also heard something about this game called The Wild (?). Sounds and looks like it something like this game as well, and Im looking forward to try it. Untill then, I think this game deserves to be tried and recommended. I've played it a few times now and I really enjoy the survival aspect. Haven't stumbled upon any zombies yet, but I've been close to starving to death a few times LOL! Amazing crafting possibilities in this game as well, and very easy to understand, but a bit challenging to accomplish and thats good. You're not completely left all to yourself though. You'll have a logbook, goals, maps and tips on what you need to craft this and that. Give it a go! Well worth every cent in my opinion. I only wish it had a global multiplayer option. Other than that it is a well done game and highly recommended. Thanks to the devs for making this game! Been wanting this for a loooong time!

  • InTheAir

    Why is the show always explicit per se the iTunes Store? Do you guys swear a lot? Are there gory images? Something else that is setting horrible images in my mind? Also, I just find it weird that the only other 2 comments are super long.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      It seems like once you tag your podcast as explicit there's no going back in iTunes.