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‘Heroes of Loot 2’ from Orangepixel in Development, Maybe Turn-Based?

Prolific solo developer Orangepixel doesn’t rest on his druthers. Gunslugs 2 ($2.99) released scant weeks ago, but already he’s working on his next game, Heroes of Loot 2. Obviously a sequel to Heroes of Loot ($3.99), the hack ‘n slash dungeon crawler, this one’s currently planned to take a drastically different turn, by being turn-based. Orangepixel posted a teaser for the game on his Youtube channel, which you can check out here:

The game’s still showing a speedy pace, but it’s showing off a bit of a futuristic bent compared to the fantasy-inspired original. While this is obviously just a prototype and a lot could change, there’s plenty to get excited about, as Orangepixel’s sequels usually improve greatly on the originals. Plus, I’m really curious as to what Orangepixel is going to do with a turn-based roguelike, if that’s even what this winds up being. Who knows, it could eventually become a Clash of Clans (Free) clone, because hey, prototypes can go in wildly-different directions! It seems unlikely, but I’d be really curious to see how that would turn out…