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Ravenous Games Announces Roguelike-Platformer ‘Devious Dungeon 2’ Coming Soon

Long time pixel art proprietors Ravenous Games have just announced their next game is about to be finished: Devious Dungeon 2. A follow-up to Devious Dungeon ($2.99), their roguelike-inspired platformer, Ravenous is promising a lot more content. Three classes are available, with the barbarian, rogue, and mage. New levels will be available with new traps and hazards, collectable treasure, and mini-bosses to fight. And of course, the pixel art style that Ravenous has become known for will be throughout the game, in all its colorful, pixelly glory.

Devious Dungeon 2

I’m curious to see how this one turns out. Our Shaun Musgrave though it was a good game, but I wasn’t that huge a fan of it. However, given another year of experience for Ravenous Games, and my love for action-roguelikes, I’m interested to see what they do this time around with Devious Dungeon 2. The developers are on the forums if you want to read more and chat about the game.