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The Uber-Stylish ‘Hyper Maze Arcade’ Releases on February 4th

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A month ago, we brought Hyper Maze Arcade to your attention, a game that looked pretty spiffy just based on seeing it in motion alone. Well, good news if you’ve wanted to check it out for yourself, as you’ll be able to do so soon: the game releases for free next week on February 4th. The game also has a new trailer showing off the game in motion with its effects and music, check it out:

How the game works is that you swipe to move from one junction to the next, constantly trying to make your way upward and through the generated mazes. Thus, the challenge becomes to constantly be looking for the right path, analyzing the maze quickly. There’s also green bits to collect that give you energy, which can be used to enable powerups to save you while playing, or to continue. The game is ad-supported, with a $0.99 unlock that removes ads and unlocks the Minimal mode, which removes the flashy effects, if you want to just play the game without distraction. You can join our forum thread to chat about the game, where the developer has posted, if you have any further questions.

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