True Axis has been treating their True Skate [$1.99] players well in 2014, with four brand new skateparks added as DLC (The Schoolyard, The Warehouse, Double Infinity, and The Factory) along with sweet new features like a replay viewer and a "realistic" mode. It was already one of my favorite and most-played iOS games when it released more than a year and a half ago, but it just keeps on getting better with age.

Today, True Axis has announced possibly the biggest leap for True Skate yet as they've partnered up with Street League Skateboarding, the preeminent street skateboarding competition series, and are now the official mobile game for Street League. How cool is that? What that means in the near term is that True Skate will be getting an update today/tomorrow that adds the street course from the 2013 SLS Kansas City competition as a playable DLC level. Here's some screens.


TS_SLS_Action_1 TS_SLS_Action_2

As cool as that is, that's just in the short term. In the long term, True Axis is looking to add even more courses from Street League past and present and incorporate the competition's unique ISX scoring system into True Skate so players can host their very own virtual SLS World Tour competitions. I could see that being very cool, especially if you could play against others online. There is also talk of bringing some of the signature tricks that have been pulled off by pros in SLS competitions over the years into the game somehow, possibly in some sort of quest mode that has you trying to replicate those tricks on their respective obstacles in the various SLS courses. The possibilities with this partnership are endless.

The other major portion of this latest announcement from True Axis is that for the first time ever True Skate will be on sale for free to celebrate the new update. The Kansas City SLS course will be a 99¢ in-app purchase, just like the rest of the DLC parks in the game. But, even if you didn't buy any DLC parks, the initial download of True Skate comes with the Skatepark Underpass which for the first four months of the game's life was the only level available, and I still never tired of it. If you've been hesitant to check out True Skate, now is the time to do it. If you're interested in watching the real life Street League competition, the next one takes place in Chicago this Sunday and you can check times and channels on the Street League homepage under Schedule.

  • Slothgimp

    Errr, it's not free....

    • MichelleChristiecuf

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      Joshua just got an almost new white Kia Rio Hatchback only from working
      part-time off a home computer. try this R­e­x­1­0­.­C­O­M­

  • brighteyes74

    Still showing as 1.49 in uk

    • trueaxis

      It hasn't gone free yet and the update isn't live yet. It will be free sometime in the next day.

      It is scheduled for the 26th.

      • kristoffer

        Thank you for the clarification 🙂

  • repapermunky

    Just bought this game about two weeks ago, so I can't complain. So worth it though. Fantastic game.

  • melocoman

    I went to Kansas City street league this is so cool

  • totallymichael

    Yes! This is huge. I've been pushing True Skate as the most realistic skateboarding simulator on any platform since day one. Now, when can I start picking up my $100k checks?

  • Love!

    I haven't gotten used to its gameplay.. :/
    Touchgrind skate 2 is so much easier and realistic, based on how you do the tricks..
    But Hey! Congratulations true skate! 🙂

    • totallymichael

      Touchgrind Skate 2 realistic? Blasphemy! Nobody who's ever actually skateboarded would say such things. True Skate 2 = extremely hard, extremely realistic skateboarding simulator. Touchgrind Skate 2 = extremely easy, extremely unrealistic casual THPS-style skateboarding game.

      • totallymichael

        *True Skate, not True Skate 2.

      • Love!

        Haha 🙂 it's ok, just my opinion ^^.
        I've actually been a skater for about 10 years, so I do know how tricks are done in real life..
        And in true skate, a kickflip is actually a late flip..
        In touchgrind skate 2 you can use both fingers to do the tricks exactly as they're done in real life..
        I tried playing true skate a few times, and getting used to it, but it's just so weird for me.. Even with a tech deck I find it more comfortable doing tricks.. Ha.
        And lol "Blasphemy" hahaha

      • trueaxis

        I might be slightly biased but are you saying that in real life, when doing a kick flip, you flick the front foot first, then lift up the back foot second? In True skate you stop down the back foot first, then flick the front foot, and there is nothing stopping you from using 2 fingers and doing it quickly.

        I can kind of understand if people took the time to get used to TG first, it would be confusing to switch, but I made TS rather then getting used to TG. It just didn't make any sense to me.

      • Love!

        Yeah, I had never looked it this way.
        You got a point.
        Thank you for sharing this 🙂
        It made me want to give TS another try. And really try to get used to it.
        So in touch grind skate 2, they've just skipped the popping part, and went straight to the tricks.. I don't see a problem with that ha. But yes, it makes true skate much more realistic.

      • trueaxis

        Kudos for having an open minded!

        There is also a new realistic option in TS which makes you less super human, which is why a lot of people feel TS isn't realistic enough.

        Of course, only you can know if it is worth while spending your time to learn the different control method of TS.

        For me, I decided to make a new game rather then learn to master TG.

      • Love!

        Wow, I hadn't realized I was talking to the dev hahahah.
        Nice, I feel kind of honored.
        I played a little yesterday, and managed to do some tricks. But today I have raised the bar hahaha I've just done kickflip to tailslide/noseslide, nollie nosegrind, all on purpose lol, it weren't random tricks! (It's a big deal for me ha) I'm happy I'm seeing its true potential now.
        And I took a look at the more realistic mode, and it is indeed nicer to play, and easier, since the skate won't pop that high.. It would be nice to be able to do the missions like that.
        Now I'm investing my gaming time on TRUE SKATE! Weeee!

    • riggysmalls

      I'm going to have to go with totally michael on this one. I've been skating for the last eleven years and this game is by far the most realistic skate sim I've ever played. EA Skate was before this, and True Skate is leaps and bounds above that!

  • R2D2

    it's free now 🙂 I hope touch grind 2 will be free

  • justme

    Months ago I sent this email to the devs. They respond. I just say AWESOME!!!!!!

    • justme

      Thank you devs! you are doing an amazing work with this...The BEST skate app on all mobile devices.

  • Rashdi

    I would love If they could include flipmob's functionality into their awesome maps

  • Matt

    How do you jump? I know... Silly question but got the game yesterday so kind of new to the game. Matt

  • Matt

    Please help!!

  • Matt

    How do you jump?

    • Love!

      Swipe the tail down with a finger 😀