New iPhone Games Coming Tonight: ‘Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake’, ‘Bowl Faster’, ‘Oscura Second Shadow’ and TONS More

mother-of-god-super-troopersI feel like there must’ve just been some massive kink in the proverbial iOS game release hose that someone finally noticed and undid, as I can’t wrap my head around what reason there could possibly be for such an insane amount of games coming out on this specific Wednesday. I mean, this is an onslaught closer to what we expect to see near the holiday season… Not a random Wednesday in late June.

Maybe everyone is jockeying for that sweet, sweet chart positioning over the Fourth of July? That makes sense… Right? Well, regardless, whatever the reason, it’s time to charge up your iTunes account with credit because when all these games hit the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight, things are going to get real.


Here’s everything that’s on our radar right now:

Soft Launches