This week on the TouchArcade Show, we spend around 50 seconds talking about PS4 games before moving on to the latest, greatest, and best in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. At the top, we dig into King Cashing 2, which is a great hybrid RPG. Later, we discuss some more stuff about Real Racing 3 before touching on traditional adventure game design and how Year Walk rolls. For the most part, we stay on subject this week, so that's something.

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  • Dave Metzener

    I can't speak for other burger joints, but the attraction to 5 Guys for my wife and myself is the speed of service. You can get in and out of the place faster than McDonalds and it's fresh like a sit down restaurant.

    There are times when you don't mind spending an hour or more in a sit down restaurant, but there are also times when you want to simply pick up some great burgers and fries quickly.

    • Jacob Gehman

      Also, toppings (cheese and bacon excepted) are free, so just request everything you want on there. Same price. Bam.

      Also, those seasoned fries.

      Also, peanuts.

  • Dave Metzener

    On Real Racing 3... I'm totally in agreement with you guys here! I can't get over all the people saying that "EA" killed RR3!

    First off, does Firemonkeys have to sell it's games through EA? Maybe. They might have a contract for x number of RR titles, who knows. EA didn't develop the game and if Firemonkeys later decide they don't want to continue with the free-to-play model, they can leave EA (when they legally can) and continue with what ever model works for them.

    Personally, like you guys were saying, I have yet to spend a single penny on the game and I have been really enjoying the game. I love that the other cars on the track are other players.

    I don't sit and play RR for hours and hours. Even RR2 and the original RR. I would play for about 30 minutes, then put it down for a while and do something else. With RR3, I can queue up repairs and maintenance work on my cars before I set it down.

    I love that The Verge spent hours and hours writing up a decent sized article on why the new pay model sucks. So many other sites have been doing this too. Just don't spend any money and if you don't like the model, delete it off your device and move on. Sheesh! 🙂

    • Karzay

      I suppose you don't see the irony in complaining about people who complain?

      If anything, discourage people from being hateful with their comments, and not for speaking their mind, even if it's not exactly what you want to hear. Try to relate and understand where they are coming from. You seem to be perfectly fine with a business model that takes advantage of other's shortcomings, because it doesn't effect you the same way, but some people care. Let them express their displeasure. Then they can move on.

      Maybe TA can add a feature that allows readers to vote on the game in discussion, that way people who only want to read positive comments about the games they like can avoid reading comments that they may disagree with. It's rosy glasses for those who need them.

  • vicsark

    Brad I want a "Beard and Mustache Club" Watch 2013 jingle!! 😀

  • phuong vo

    Congrats, fellas! Brad is da mannnnnn!

  • Arthur

    The "Consider it!" is like the friendliest demand I've ever encountered. I love it.

  • grindmysmile

    I love the shit storm that is Ars Technica's comment section, but you guys should teach them how to make an engaging podcast.