This week, we didn't stay on topic so well. At the top, we don't discuss iPad mini or iPad 4. Instead, we talk about Eli's Magic: The Gathering Play Mat(R), how awesome COD BLOPS 2 is on both consoles and PC, the state of public restrooms during conventions, and other stupid stuff. If this is your first off-topic episode, buckle up: there's a lot of irreverent discussion all over the place.

Later, we do manage to dig into iPad and iPhone games. Verticus leads off this section, as we talk about its ups and downs. We also spit some game about Beatdown!, Gear Jack, and Walking Dead: The Game. After all of this, we also dive into news and user comments and questions. One of the questions may or may not have been faked.

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  • Blodia

    "Spit some game"? Does anybody even say that?

  • gadget593

    I wonder if any of them use Smart Cases on their iPads.

    • Eli Hodapp

      I do!

  • Michael Matzat

    Only TouchArcade would be able to talk this negatively about a game that is widely considered a game of the year contender... there are so many positive things about this game. And issent it absolutely amazing that we can play a game like The Walking Dead RIGHT NOW on our iOS devices that is nominated for several Game of the Year awards? Now iOS, PSN or download game Awards, spike has this up as Best Game of The Year for Voting along side ME3, AC3, Journey and Dishonored. And others will follow. Even Joystiq stated that they should have put it up as ultimate Game of the Year contender instead of Download Game of the Year Contender.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Are you suggesting we should source our opinions on video games from other outlets?

      • Michael Matzat

        No, i just often feel that you guys seem to have a certain temper towards some topics and it dos lack some integrity i would expect from a WebPage that gaint a certain importance by coming around at the right time.
        Among those Topics i would see crowdfunding which you seem to have build a certain ignorance towards (if mentioned at all it´s talked down towards) or genneral bashing of Forumusers/Newscommentators. The talk about TWD felt a lot like that... somewhere hidden in between is a little "i like the emotions" and the rest is just we (the other two) have not played this yet still lets see if we can nitpick it somehow.
        So, what do i expect you to? I think if there is a game this well received by everybody you should at least have played it to be able to talk about it. Thats something a videogame journalist should have don. I bet if that had just happend the talk would have been much different and i might not even have commented here.

        There defensively is room for criticism. The savegame issues being by far the wildest one because it´s something that can outright break the game experience. Also some iOS specific talk about why for example they added this stupid cheap comic book border around some scenes.
        But there is so much about this game to talk about that just got ignored... the outstanding voice acting, the decisions that actually matter (esp. in episode 4 were there are eight possible constellations in the end) and general talk about how the game grabs you by that balls and pulls you in and why it is that way. This issent an Uncharted like movie experience. It´s not about replaying the same gameplay element over and over again to perfect it. It´s an interactive movie with some scenes that have you do more than just talk because thats what pulls you in more in you character and the people you are with.

        Would it be awesome if the game branches out widely in episode one already? Yeah. But if it would be like that you´ed end up with 8 different episode twos and so on... it can´t be don by a small studio. So don´t be down by some decisions in the beginning just being there to teach the player how it´s don. Some voice actors not doing 60 lines instead of 10 (and believe me, there are a ton of dialogs that will be remembered by and brought up again even if the main plot is linear to make the game able to exist)

        Now go, play this game. Or that cat dies.

      • Michael Matzat

        "I hope you’re ready to hear about The
        Walking Dead: The Game for a long, long time. In the next few weeks, the
        title from developer Telltale Games will likely win many Game of the
        Year awards. Moving into 2013, people will reference the series over and
        over as the benchmark for story-telling in games. And historically, it
        will stand as the game that reinvented or at least repopularized
        adventure games."

        IGN after plaing Episode 5 (oh how i envy them)

    • Jerutix

      They weren't negative about it. They just questioned whether or not it can actually be a choose your own adventure game with actual consequences based on choices, or if the framework of the game makes it to where only one ending exists regardless of choices. Allowing multiple endings sounds like really tough work for the devs. More power to them if they went that route; they deserve the awards.