The TouchArcade Show – 78 – Carbonated Chemicals, “Board Games,” and a Pair of ‘BLOPS’

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This week, we didn’t stay on topic so well. At the top, we don’t discuss iPad mini or iPad 4. Instead, we talk about Eli’s Magic: The Gathering Play Mat(R), how awesome COD BLOPS 2 is on both consoles and PC, the state of public restrooms during conventions, and other stupid stuff. If this is your first off-topic episode, buckle up: there’s a lot of irreverent discussion all over the place.

Later, we do manage to dig into iPad and iPhone games. Verticus leads off this section, as we talk about its ups and downs. We also spit some game about Beatdown!, Gear Jack, and Walking Dead: The Game. After all of this, we also dive into news and user comments and questions. One of the questions may or may not have been faked.

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