Beavertap Games launched their inaugural iOS game Mikey Shorts [$1.99 / Free] back in August, and we thought it was simply outstanding in our review. Its main focus was on speeding through levels as quickly and efficiently as possible, though it was also very welcoming to those who just liked to leisurely run and jump through each stage at their own pace. The levels in Mikey Shorts were incredibly well-designed, and the inclusion of Game Center leaderboards fired up the competitive nature of gamers in our forums as they battled it out for top times.

Mikey Shorts was updated about a month after release with new levels and disguises, and late last month a special Halloween-themed version appropriately called Mikey Shorts Halloween [Free] launched for free with several exclusive levels. Today, another new update has landed, and this one is especially neat. It features 15 new disguises, each one modeled after a different indie iOS game. Check out the full list of what games are included below, along with review and forum links where appropriate, and you can see the collection of disguises in the screen right under the list.

If you haven't given Mikey Shorts a try yet, download the lite version or Halloween version and take it for a free spin. I can also effortlessly recommend all of the games on the list above, and it's pretty cool to see Beavertap paying homage to so many games, many of which are platformers that are direct competitors to Mikey Shorts. That's the Indie Scene for you though, warm fuzzies all around, and all that.

  • frdv

    I did the update but not receive any new face.. What?

    • mikeg1234

      Could you try updating again? The update just got approved, and there can be some App Store funkiness when downloading right away. We've had one other report in the forum thread from someone that also didn't get the new disguises, but others appear to be getting them. Really strange!

      • frdv

        I did a backup of my data with ifunbox. Deleted it and download again. Without my save, new disguises appears okay, but when i've made the restore.. It disappeared.

      • mikeg1234

        Thanks! Yeah, I discovered the bug in the upgrade process. Really boneheaded mistake on my part, but an easy one to fix. Only affects updates as you found. If you install fresh, then the disguises will be there.

      • felipe

        Great! Do you will release a fix soon?

      • qpawn

        A fix has been submitted to Apple. The indie disguises will hopefully be available soon for people updating! Thanks again to the indie devs for letting us make the disguises. 🙂

      • felipe

        Thank you!

  • Cat Astrophy

    I don't see these games as competitors. You can easily enjoy both. It's not like buying a house or a car where you typically only get to choose one.

    • Jared Nelson

      Hey you're preaching to the choir. I own and love all these games. Just thought it was interesting that 10 of the 15 games are platformers.

  • Initials Video Games

    As the creator of Super Lemonade Factory, I'd like to say this is a huge honor. I feel like we've been placed alongside a great list of games. To have a developer put us in the same breath as the other games is just an awesome feeling.

    Thank you to Beavertap.