The TouchArcade Show – 184 – EA-ified or EA-ized or Whatever

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852522_largerNo Brad or Mike this week, but Jared and I manage to power through with a potent podcast of powerful proportions. We hit on the awesome games we played this week, the disappointing ones, and everything in between. Oh, there’s a little Wii U chat at the end too if that’s the kind of thing you’re in to.

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This week’s episode of The TouchArcade Show is sponsored by…

Bean Dreams, $2.99 - Kumobius has released a brand new game this week: Bean Dreams. It’s the sequel to their classic iOS platformer Bean’s Quest, which revolved around a clever auto-jumping mechanic that streamlined the platformer genre for touch devices. The sequel takes the gameplay to a new level with power-ups like a magic chili which enables a mid-air dash attack!

But that’s not all! Bean Dreams has crisper graphics, all new music, a new world structure system, and better pacing in its achievements system.

It’s already a massive adventure – but with updates underway, it’s also just getting started.

  • Bean Dreams

    Get ready for the mobile platformer that literally plays like a dream. Bean Dreams is an action-packed platformer from …
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